Insurance for foreigners entering Thailand in June 2022

Insurance for foreigners entering Thailand in June 2022

If you’ve read the news, then you’ve probably heard that the major restrictions on entering Thailand like the Thailand Pass and Covid-19 insurance will be removed on 1 July 2022. This is, of course, good news for those planning to visit the country in the coming months. But what if you need to visit Thailand in June? Well, we still got your back!

Since the global outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, insurance with Covid-19 coverage has become a requirement for several nations, including Thailand. The Thaiger is here to assist you and make the whole process of entering Thailand easier. Together with our partners, we specifically designed Insurance for Thailand Entry just for you.

If you’re a foreigner and you want to enter Thailand in June 2022, you will need a government-approved insurance policy with coverage of no less than 10,000 USD. This is a requirement that you have to submit in order to get your Thailand Pass.

We understand that obtaining and preparing these documents on your own might be a burden, as the application must be completed ahead of time and can be time-consuming. But don’t worry, we are still here to take care of everything for you!

To save your time and energy, the whole application process will be guided by our English-speaking professionals. Following a successful application, we’ll send your insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate directly to your email address. Therefore, you can immediately use it to apply for Thailand Pass.

What does the package include?

The Thaiger works with AXA to bring you the perfect insurance to meet Thailand’s entry requirements. With AXA Sawasdee Thailand, you will receive at least 100,000 USD coverage for medical and personal accidents, including Covid-19. You are free to choose the number of days the plan covers you based on the duration of your stay. The plan can cover you for any duration starting from 4 days up to 365 days. It’s available for those between the age of 1 to 74 years.

Besides AXA Sawasdee Thailand, you also have the option to choose Tune Insurance. This insurance comes in 3 different coverage plans. All of them are a combination of 3 insurances at a price of one: travel, personal accident, and Covid-19 insurance that meets all the latest requirements. Like the AXA Sawasdee Thailand, you can also choose the duration of the coverage. The policy covers those aged 1 to 75 years.

If you need more information or you want to apply for our Insurance for Thailand Entry, be sure to visit our website.

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