Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

Insight: Nanyang Changdao; 60 years and continue sale in the market with no market campaign!

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

In theories, any product which hardly been supported by any marketing techniques, there is a tiny chance for the product to be recognized and market profits. If that so, rarely happens, Nanyang shoes has been in the market for last for 60 years and continue their sale with the same shoes styles, product types, not so fashionable and no media campaigns!! 

How and why this brand survives for 60 years and counting on?

Mr. Jakaphon Chanthawimol, Sales and Marketing Executive of Nanyangmarketing Co., Ltd., 3rd generation, he is responsible for Nanyang and Changdao marketing strategies, he also added that Changdao flip flop rarely did any marketing campaigns in the past 60 years but this product sales are very steady and in demand, even though there are hundreds of competitors out there, together with THB 99.00 per shoes is not the cheapest in the market but the products are always in demand.

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

“For us, Changdao flip flop is very sexy, but some customers, especially the young generation, might think it is very old-fashioned, cheap shoes for the poor, it is not cool. We understood and accepted these kinds of comments, on the other hand, we are surprised that this 60 years old flip flop can make it till these days with the same style, no marketing campaigns. It reflects the uniquelity or it extremely different which consumers still keep buying. We are trying to bring the “Cool” of its product to present to young generation, reach out to them, and we hope it helps to generate more incomes.”

Changdao flip flop is being used officially in the past few years, before that it was called Nanyang flip flop, the same as its company’s name, but consumers called it Changdao from its logo, comprises of Chang(Elephant) and Dao(Stars). The company did surveys and most of the times, customers choose either Nanyang or Changdao because of its durable and worth of money.  Moreover, when people think of flip flop, they always think of Changdao, by knowing that, the strongest points are the forms and elements which combine to become Changdao.

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign
Mr. Jakaphon is trying to push the campaign of “Fashion Comes and Goes, But Style Never Die”, and that is extremely true for Changdao flip flop, it has proved itself to be legend shoes in this fashion world. Fashion keeps changing but Changdao style is still there.

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

Young generation – DIY Customers

Changdao successfully  by trying to communicate and change their image to meet the young generation’s needs, it has planted the DIY shoes ideas in their mind, and young generation feel more comfortable wearing it.

“We are putting efforts on marketing campaigns to present our new image through media channels, as well as social media to reach out to young generation. Recently, we just launched “Changdao Basic”, black and white flip flops, added more choices but still stick with the same style. This campaign boosted this steady market once again without new product. We have studied this market and we know our strong points, and we try all means to meet customer’s needs.”

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

“Nanyang Sugar” new era for sneaker market

It is unquestionable and challengeable for Nanyang to launch girl sneaker into the market, in order to meet all genders’ needs, not just target mainly to the boys. Nanyang sugar is suitable to wear both to school and anytime without going off styles.

“One of the things that help to boost the popularity of Nanyang Sugar is our brand loyalty which this sneaker generates huge sales to our company, 10% of all sneaker income comes from Nanyang Sugar, our company earns 50% from sneaker and 50% from flip flop. It has met our goal, we are not focusing on producing new designs, we want our products to last at least 5-10 years in the market, it does not need to grow so fast but it can sustain for long”.

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

Fast Fish or Dead Fish

Pretty often hearing this, change from big fish to fast fish, move fast and win over the slow ones but Mr. Jakaphon disagrees with that statement, with 65 years experience in this market, he accepts that Nanyang is not young generation organization, it consists of 90% of 45 years old and above employees, with 10% are lower than 30 years old. The age differences are not the problems as long as we can pull their abilities out of the box.

“One of the challenge is to persuade the whole team to work together at the right time and make the right move, it is like driving a car, all the wheels need to roll together, if some can not make it, we might need to wait and roll slowly and steady”.

Insight: Nanyang Changdao, 60 years with no market campaign

Jakaphon added that Nanyang is not the fast fish, we are successful because the love in our products, understand and listen to consumers’ needs, we are not stopping to develop our product, we think of all sides and make a move. We think and do things differently, we are lively fish that swims against water if you are dead fish you will follow the steam.

“we will keep swimming against the water, that is the goal, of course, it is the tough thing to do, sometimes we face storms, we might need to stop but keep facing whatever it comes even though we are not the top but we are not dead fish”.


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