Inside the Extravagant Homes of the ‘Bling Empire’ Cast

Inside the Extravagant Homes of the ‘Bling Empire’ Cast

All that glitters may or may not be gold, but Bling Empire never seizes to dazzle. We take a peek inside the homes of this very extravagant cast.

The third season of Bling Empire that rolled out in October 2022 has once again garnered global attention with all the petty drama, relationship cliffhangers, friendships and more. More than that, viewers got a glimpse of the lavish abodes, too. If you, like us, wanted to learn what it’s like to live like a millionaire, step inside the fabulous homes of the Bling Empire cast members with us.

Stars Kim Lee, Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, Kevin Kreider and Jamie Xie have created more than a few whirlwind dramas on screen with their fabulous parties, haute couture outfits, and staggering net worth, which might remind you of the 2018 movie Crazy Rich Asians. As expected, their exquisite homes reflect the high society status and standard of living by these ultra-rich individuals.

From luxurious features, amenities and palatial settings in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, let’s find out what the homes of the cast members of one of Netflix’s hit reality shows, Bling Empire, look like.

(Main image credit: Anna Shay/ @annashay93/ Instagram; Feature image credit: Christine Alexandra Chiu/ @chirstinechiu/ Instagram)

Step Inside the Homes of the Bling Empire Cast

Mimi Morris

Bling Empire cast member home Mimi Morris
Image credi: Mimi Morris/ @mimi_morris_/ Instagram

Bling Empire season 2 saw the first entrance of entrepreneur, philanthropist and social media influencer Mimi Morris, the richest cast member in the reality show. With a reported net worth of USD 800 million, Morris surely adds glitter to the show.

Hailing from Vietnam, Morris currently lives in a lavish chateau-like home in The Strand at Headlands. It is a gated community in Dana Point, California. She and her husband Don Morris bought the mansion, with an area of over 650 sq m in 2018, for a staggering price of USD 8.8 million.

Media reports suggest the palatial beachfront house has six bedrooms, a lift and even a separate garage for up to two golf carts. She often poses before its grand staircase and gorgeous flower-lined pathways for her Instagram feed. It also has some stunning dining rooms, wardrobes filled with luxury bags neatly arranged in a floor-to-ceiling glass case and a garage to house the couple’s luxury cars which include three Rolls-Royces and Ferraris.

Such is its grandeur and Morris’ popularity that Dolce & Gabbana hosted her 50th birthday party there and even gifted the couture collector with a custom-made dress. The house has also been shown on the show on numerous occasions when she hosted fabulous parties.

Anna Shay

Bling Empire cast member home Anna Shay
Image credit: Anna Shay/ @annashay93/ Instagram

With a net worth of USD 600 million, Anna Shay has one of the grandest estates among the other cast members. She inherited a large portion of her fortune from her billionaire father Edward Shay who was the owner of Pacific Architects and Engineers. She grabbed the instant spotlight when she appeared in season one.

A star of the show, Shay sold her magnificent Sunset Boulevard Spanish casa and moved into an equally plush mansion in Beverly Hills. She bought it for USD 9.35 million in 2011 and sold it in 2021 after co-star Kim Lee thought it was haunted, to which Shay agreed. The home was once owned by Italian mobster Tony Milano and features detailed tile works, hand-painted ceilings and several fountains.

Her present home is styled in neutral pink shades and speaks volumes of her opulence. It has five bedrooms, almost all of which are turned into closets for her haute couture collections, a wrought-iron staircase, a grand chandelier which hangs as the centrepiece over the stairs and a massive wall displaying vintage guns. The home also has a beautiful swimming pool and has been the backdrop for many of her Instagram posts.

Christine Chiu and Dr Gabriel Chiu

Bling Empire cast member home Christine Chiu
Image credit: Christine Alexandra Chiu/ @chirstinechiu/ Instagram

Husband and wife duo Christine Chiu and plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu are the star couple on the reality TV show. The blue blood couple is ultra-rich, with Christine being a Taiwanese heiress and her husband being one of the direct descendants of China’s Song Dynasty. With a reported net worth of USD 80 million, the family live in a super luxurious Los Angeles palace.

Their mega mansion has jaw-dropping amenities that amplify the glam quotient. Tennis courts, a gym, a media room, state-of-the-art sound systems and mega-sized rose gardens make it aptly suitable for modern-day royalty. With six bedrooms, over seven bathrooms and a giant swimming pool where the couple’s adorable son Baby G was spotted splashing in a few Bling Empire episodes, this zen-like abode is nothing short of a luxury retreat. With such outstanding amenities, Chiu enjoys her time in the marble kitchen where she whips up treats for her loved ones.

Bling Empire cast member home Christine Chiu
Image credit: Christine Alexandra Chiu/ @chirstinechiu/ Instagram

The Chius purchased this 557.4 sq m home from Kimora Lee Simmons in 2016 for around USD 8.7 million. It is located in a Beverly Ridge Estate within a gated security system for the highest privacy.

Kane Lim

Bling Empire cast member home Kane Lim
Image credit: Bling Empire/ Photo by Netflix – © 2021 Netflix, Inc./ IMDb

This luxury shoe collector may not be living in a mega-mansion, but his west Hollywood condo is nothing short of a bachelor’s dream. And when we say it’s luxurious, we mean every aspect of it exudes opulence.

Think of an entire wall lined with an epic sneaker collection — custom-made backlit racks stacked with Gucci loafers, Louis Vuitton boots and Prada trainers. The house has been featured on the Bling Empire star’s Instagram account several times.

Bling Empire cast member home Kane Lim
Image credit: KAne Lim/ @kanelk_k/Instagram

From an all-black bedroom with Louis Vuitton trunks, an open-air patio, vibrant paintings and a lavish dining space, this Bling Empire cast member home might seem humble compared to the others, but the understated luxury makes it unique.

Kim Lee

Bling Empire cast member home Kim Lee
Image credit: Bling Empire/ IMDb

How mesmerising would it be to wake up every day to a view of the azure ocean? Well, that’s exactly what the Bling Empire star and Dj Kim Lee gets from her colossal Malibu home. With a reported cost of about USD 4.2 million, the sea-facing abode is a grand Mediterranean villa built in 1929.

Bling Empire cast member home Kim Lee
Image credit: Kim Lee/ @kimlee/ Instagram

Covering an area of 286.6 sq m, the house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The main highlight is the huge swimming pool, surrounded by palm trees and deck chairs, which Lee never fails to flaunt.

The musician and social media influencer often has her parents Kimmy and Dan Segal over, making some sweet family portraits. Complete with comfy plush sofas and a day-long uninterrupted view of the beach, which is just a five-minute walk, this place is as gorgeous as it gets.

Dorothy Wang

Bling Empire cast member home Dorothy Wang
Image credit: Dorothy Wang/ @dorothywang/ Instagram

Debuting in Bling Empire season 2, Dorothy Wang calls this swanky Manhattan residence her home. The reality TV show showed her moving into this Chelsea apartment, one of the most fabulous houses belonging to a cast member.

Reportedly costing about USD 7.7 million, the apartment has jaw-dropping closets and wardrobes for her designer clothes and shoes. Taking things a notch higher, she has created a dedicated room for her coats.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful views of the city and ample open space makes Dorothy Wang’s house straight out of a dream.

Jaime Xie

Bling Empire cast member home Jaime Xie
Image credit: Jaime Xie/ @jaimexie/ Instagram

Everything about this young model and Bling Empire cast member screams a bold, girl-next-door vibe. She lives in another swanky West Hollywood address with some sweeping Insta-worthy views.

Bling Empire cast member home Jaime Xie
Image credit: Jaime Xie/ @jaimexie/ Instagram

Her posts often offer a glimpse of the uber-chic LA penthouse. A cool balcony overlooking the city, walk-in closets, floor-to-ceiling mirrors along hallways, beautiful floral arrangements and an open minimalist shade make it quite a luxurious abode.

And that is not all. Xie travels extensively for fashion shows and at times, these white and wooden hallways, closets and even her marble kitchen become the spot for some photoshoots.

Kevin Kreider

Bling Empire cast member home Kevin Kreider
Image credit: KevinKevin Kreider/ @kevin.kreider/ Instagram

Think of Blink Empire and images of ornate houses, on-the-face extravagance and lavish lifestyle crop up in our minds. But there is one cast member who has taken the sort of opposite direction, but in no way is it less stylish.

Besides a net worth that runs into millions, Kevin Kreider has a relatively smaller and minimalist home. Season 1 of Bling Empire had only a few shots featuring his plain white walls and a mattress. The latest season does show a bed, but he still has a minimalist decor with comfy couches, a spacious kitchen and indoor plants.

Kelly Mi Li

Bling Empire cast member home Kelly Mi Li
Image credit: Bling Empire/ Photo by Netflix – © 2021 Netflix, Inc./ IMDb

Having moved to Chicago for her mother’s job, Kelly Mi Li was married to an enormously wealthy Chinese man in her early twenties, who was later arrested in relation to a huge cyber scam. Post this, she started afresh as a TV show producer and moved to Los Angeles.

In the first season of Bling Empire, she and Andrew Gray were shown to be dating and sharing this plush accommodation. And while the couple may have separated, they have two rescue pups together, Kilo and Sophia, who stay with her.

Bling Empire cast member home Kelly Mi Li
Image credit: Kelly Mi Li/ @kellymili/ Instagram

Her Instagram posts show the pink-hued home has some sunny vibrant open spaces, white minimal decor and a swimming pool where the pups spend some fun time. In one of the episodes, her mother was also shown chatting on an open terrace lounge.

Cherie Chan

Cherie Chan home
Image credit: Bling Empire/ © 2021 Netflix, Inc./ IMDb

Though Cherie Chan and her husband Jessey Lee dropped out of the show, they made an amazing appearance and had some tense moments when Chan abruptly left the show after appearing in season 2. Rumours of Lee’s previous marriage picked up momentum soon after. Despite all that, the couple seems to be in love and have two adorable kids.

Chan is an inheritor of an undisclosed denim empire while Lee’s family has a furniture empire. Despite such enormous fortunes, the couple has their own business together — an organic Tequila company called Religion Tequila. However, Chan remains extremely discreet and shares only a few glimpses of her home.

The soft yellow and pink walls, sprawling gardens and tasteful decor suggest a beautiful residence.

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