Health officials say Thailand’s Covid cases could reach 100,000 a day by Songkran

Health officials say Thailand’s Covid cases could reach 100,000 a day by Songkran

Thailand’s daily Covid-19 infections could reach 100,000 by the Songkran holiday next month. That’s the worst-case scenario prediction from the Department of Disease Control, according to a Bangkok Post report today. The DDC says everything hinges on how strictly disease prevention measures are adhered to. These include avoiding group activities, working from home, avoiding non-essential travel, and maintaining high vaccination rates.

Health officials say the most optimistic prediction is one where measures are fully implemented and adhered to, causing daily cases to level off and hover at the 20,000 a day mark from mid-March. Less optimistic is a scenario in which disease prevention measures continue to be adhered to at the current level, causing infections to rise to 50,000 a day between now and Songkran. And the worst-case scenario, where precautions are not adhered to, could see a spike of 100,000 cases a day, every day, between now and the Thai New Year holiday.

Yesterday, Thailand reported 22,311 new infections in the previous 24 hours. It marked the second day of a decline in cases from a peak of 25,615 on Saturday. 42 deaths were reported, raising the pandemic’s death toll in Thailand to 22,933.

Meanwhile, the CCSA says that as of yesterday, 213,645 are being treated for the virus, 83,479 of whom are in hospital. Spokesperson Apisamai Srirangson says that, of those hospitalised, 98% have only minor symptoms, adding that asymptomatic patients and those with few symptoms should stay home and free up hospital beds for those who have severe symptoms.

She also called on those who forecast huge surges in infections, which risk creating panic among the public, to offer their suggestions on how the infection rate might be brought down.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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