“Hathaithep Teeratada” A merchandise professionist

“Hathaithep Teeratada” A merchandise professionist
Such an influential lady named “Hathai Teeratada” helicopter aircraft battleship head submersible tunnel merchandise professionist .All of this seems to contrast with her charming personality with a gift to the military (1962) is a badge. She hold BA in Journalism and Public Relations  (Faculty of Communication Arts), Chulalongkorn University with honor. This is just the beginning of her ability and reputation.

What will you define ‘Hi Class’ since we never expect to live that level. Being หทัยเทพ ธีระธาดา” is  EXTREMELY PERFECT!! And that’s what people in this country would have to admire

In 2000, this lady was awarded the Best Thai Female Award in Foreign Trade & Cosmetics. In later years; she won the Women’s Annual Preview in Business people as her great contribution to the society, religion and nation as well as the World Scout Award in the same year.

On December 5, 2010, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased to reward royal decorations ranked as “Pathom Prasit Khunaporn (PS)” to Khun Hathai Theerathada in case of her devotion to the nation, alongside with religion and people. Her maiden name as “Sirijanya” is notable as a daughter among the ten siblings of  Lieutenent Sirichanya (Younger Brother of  Luang Sri Ratanakorn) with Madam Prawat; appeared as the eighth child. Within the liberal supervision of the Lieutenant father, every of his child has the highest education. At that time, the Sirijanya family industrializes first hair curler and hairdressing equipment in Thailand. Until the present day, her siblings had been recognized in high positions in various fields such as Prapasri Siriyanya (older sister), former professor of the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, while offering four classes at Chitralada School; with involvement in educating His and Her Royal Highness in King Rama IV, M.D. Penkhae (Sirijanya) Limsila, former director of Yuwat Neesan Hospital, and Physician Prof. Praphan Yulyanya, former professor of Faculty of Medicine of  Mahidol University

After graduating from Chulalongkorn University, She pursued her study abroad in management at Johnson Business College, Washington DC, USA and returned to Thailand to the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) as a civil engineering secretary. Later, she married to Mr. Jiradat. Teerathada  (Son of Maj. Tip Theerathada former financial officer at The Defense Ministry). After their marriage, they went to live in Washington DC, USA. As for her husband, he pursued higher degree at Catholic University. With her academic excellence and leadership, she obtained a degree in Diplomacy at George Washington University, Washington DC, USA and worked at the World Bank, Washington DC, (Law Department, 1970-1990). At the same time, her eldest son, who worked at The Congress of Washington, introduced her to Senator Strom Thurmond; consequently pathing her to easily connected with a helicopter manufacturer. As a result, she was reluctant to bid for the job as a dealer for helicopters, tanks, trucks, fire trucks, airplanes, including underground tunnel excavator. At the same time, she also opened two restaurants in Virginia called SAFFRON (Thai food) and a TTREYNOLD gourmet restaurant. Her family stayed at a 12-acre home in Clifton, Virginia, which only took few distance from her workplace.

“Hathaithep Teeratada” A merchandise professionist

In Thailand, we had has  known you as billionaire and business woman. Could you please tell us your past experiences?

“I’m sincerely not a millionaire. I have enough to get by. I’m usually going to work at the World Bank at 7am because I wants to get home early in order to take care of mychild and my husband, and spend time together. After that I will go to the restaurant from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. except Wednesday and Friday. On those two free days, I spends time making Thai desserts such as egg yolk fudge balls cooked in syrup, golden thread and Thai custard dessert.

On  Saturday, I wake up at 4 am. to make traditional Thai desserts made of coconut milk such as sticky rice topped with coconut custard, caramelized crisps in coconut milk and Thai pandas short vermicelli and sell all of them at grocery store and restaurant owned by Thais. Then I spend time with my family, eat out, and go to department store or amusement park. Mr. Jiradat spends more time with our children compare to me. He usually spends time to with them- helping them with homeworks, reading them storiesand take them to the Taekwondo class. He is the best husband and the best father.

(She refuses to talk about her business and her resolution in withdrawing cosmetic counters. But she is willing to talk in humble manner about her business and family.

“… Actually, I did not do it myself. In the past I imported goods which takes a long time to arrive to Thailand so I decided to turn myself into investor to support financially to the companies offering projects which I think that it is worth investing. In the 1997, Thailand  faced economic depression, I contact to Natura Bisse from Spain to be the only authorized dealer in Thailand which sold at Central Chid Lom and The Emporium. With my perseverance, I become successful because I study what I was doing until I understand it profoundly. Together, I give much important toward customers and my employees by spending time at the counter to give advice and the right way to use the products. When the midnight sale comes, I stay with my employees until the department store close. After doing this for 10 years, I have a feeling that parent company wants to intervene my business so I decided to withdraw this counters in both department stores within 30 days. Until now, Natura Bisse could not be imported to Thailand. In addition to my cosmetics business and Lipstick named “Sanee Nang,” I currently develop my premium aging skincare as well, she said.

… I have been honored to work at parliament in various positions, such as the former advisor of the Fiscal Commission, the former advisor of The Senate at The House of Representative, the former advisor of The Committee of The House of Representative, Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs. The reason I return to Thailand is that I want to take care of my mother because she regularly visit me and her nephews while I live in Virginia.

“Hathaithep Teeratada” A merchandise professionist

How do you decide when you faced a harsh time in doing your business?

“When we run business, we need to focus on safety. I only transfer ownership to bank but I, in the past, used to do business without ownership. Sometimes I owe the money more than hundred million but I understand that we once make a mistake. Everybody assumes to learn “Dare to fail”.

I and Mr. Jiratad have two children. Both of them were born, raised and educated in Washington, DC, USA at a very young age from Saint Stephen Washington DC (the private school). The eldest son named Paradai Teerada is currently Executive Vice President at TMB Bank. He graduated from North Carolina University, U.S.A., Oxford University. Another son named Panutat Teerada graduated from George Mason University as a scholarship student and was a university athlete. He won the 3rd World Champion in Taekwondo. Then joined Jackie Chang’s Stunt Team and Jo Kwon, now in Hollywood, is a Fight Co-ordinator, and is also a showcase for some of the actors. (Known in Hollywood as Don Tai)


As your husband is the best father of your child. Many doubt that why did you divorce?

“I am a bad person who is sometimes impulsive. I have conflict with my husband about which school to send our children to. I need them to study  inthe best school and dress the best clothing. But my husband, Mr. Jeeradat, does not think in the same way and think that it is unnecessary. Thus, I ask him to divorce to object him and I am a kind of person that who once decided to do something, no one could stop me. However, we still live in the same house dinning together and doing other activities with our sons. Even though I am divorced, I still use the “Theeratada” last name along with my sons. After that, I was with Mr. Wit Phutrit. We are not married, but staying together for 20 years.

“Hathaithep Teeratada” A merchandise professionist

Both of your sons become successful in life. How do you treat your children and family?

When they were children, I was always taking care of their food to make sure that they ate the best food. Home, at Virginia, had 11 bedrooms with basement for exercise; thus, I taught them to exercise regularly and that became their routine. I never ever displeased my children. Whatever they want, I will provide them no matter how much it was but, in the same time, I taught my sons that if theywant to live their lives comfortably, they need to study hard and work hard to make sure that they have enough money to sustain their well- being. Moreover, I taught them to be gentle, humble and respectful toward everybody even who is lower than us. They even need to say “Thank you” to housemaids or drivers.

I believe in good deed (Boon) and karma. We were born with a better chance than others. That was because of the merit that we had been accumulated from the past. Boon is like water in the glass. If we drink water from the glass without adding it, water will be gone, then karma that we had in the past or present will soon overcome our Boon. I remember this and taught my children and myself to compare the happiness we have received with the suffering of others. I try to help those unfortunated people as much as we can. I’m afraid of needles, so I cannot donate blood. Instead, I am buying blood, buying salt water, medication, and donating coffins regularly.

At home, we have room that is worshiped in the Buddha. So I always pay homage to the Buddha and do meditation since I was young. I make merit both in and outside the country, not limited to one specific religion and help the poor and those who suffer from natural disasters as well as children who lack warmth by giving scholarships to Bang Mae Mai  Rat Rang Sa Rit  ( Suphan Buri Province) and Wat Nong Sa Wan (Udon Tha Ni Province), ”

“Hathaithep Teeratada” A merchandise professionist

In addition to such a beautiful mind, what make your appearance beautiful as always?

Beauty is within every woman as a gift from god. In order to keep and maintain this gift  eternity, there are various elements that shall be concerned; such as getting enough sleep, doing daily exercise, and control your eating behavior based on healthy food.

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