Gypsy 12 zodiac forecasts between 15 March-14 April 2017 By Kitikun Pollawan

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 March-14 April 2017 Gypsy 12 zodiac forecasts between 15 March-14 April 2017 By Kitikun Pollawan

By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

Aries (13 April-14 May)

Influence of Five of Cups: Problems in your love life will come to dead end; if you are not unyielding enough, you may face separation. Long-term married couple must be careful of problems from malicious relatives. You must over think well of what you say or do.  A debtor may be demanded for their previous debt causing serious stress. A creditor may prepare for debtor’s payment refusal. There is still not any hopes for risk-taking. An employee will be taking overloaded works without any appreciation from the boss causing severe stress. Business owner must be careful about benefit which may cause the conflict with their partners. Coffin donation is the suggestion to foster your fortune.

Taurus (15 May-14 June)

Influence of Queen of Pentacles: You will have smooth money speculation with many ways of income earned. Stock player will receive a huge amount of money easing up the previous money chaos. Love of new couple must be taken slowly otherwise regret is waiting ahead. Problem for one in relationship will come from jealousy which can be solved by patience. Self-business owner will run their business well as expected with more money circulation. However, employee may have money problem from unusual benefit consideration resulting in bad consequences towards work. Doing good deed with underprivileged children is to foster life fortune.

Gemini (15 June-15 July)

Influence of Two of Wands: You will create outstanding work appreciated by your boss but intensely disliked by colleagues. If you wish to change job, you will find more satisfied job with higher payment. Self-employed business owner will receive unexpected project resulting in business moving forward. There will be many ways to earn money but not from risk-taking as it is not worth the candle. For love, working couple might be distant because of time discrepancy. To avoid problem, time is to be shared more. The married couple must not make a big deal out of little thing. Emotion will get involved with young love resulting in unbearable relationship.

Cancer (16 July-16 August)

Influence of Three of Cups: Ones with long-term dating will finally end up being a couple. The single will finally fall for someone and get along well. Married couple’s hope for a child will finally be fulfilled. Relatives will bring unexpected financial luck relieving previous congested money issue. People who have previously invested in stock will receive huge luck.  The unemployed will finally find job because of close friend’s help. One wishes to change job will not be disappointed. Self-employed business will go on well attracting partnership. However, it is better to run solo for more effective and happier situation. During this time, occasionally making merit and donation are to foster for better luck.

Leo (17 August-16 September)

Influence of Seven of Cups: You are working unhappily because of overabundant personal problems causing unbalance problems at work. Therefore, you must improve yourself because your boss starts to recognize. Merchant’s business keeps on going unhurriedly, not as exciting as before. Do not easily give up because there are still some chances waiting ahead. Working couple’s love needs a lookout for people full of tricks. Silence and keeping a distance are the suggestions.  Married couple need to be careful of the third party creating worrisome problems. You should have stable minds to stop increasing problems. For financial issue, money is wasted with unnecessary staff despite income acquisition. So, composure is a suggestion before spending.

Virgo (17 September-16 October)

Influence of Wheel of Fortune: You will incidentally get back together with your ex bringing back yourself the brighter day. One with no relationship will finally be in love with the younger one. The married couple will receive good news about baby. Satellite will bring financial luck. For some, luck will be from risk-taking. Money earned this way should be spent on asset otherwise money won’t be around for long. You will create outstanding work pleasing to your boss. You will be trusted casing yourself being disliked. Nothing can do you harm as long as you don’t care. Self-employed business will do well with customers’ constant subsidy resulting in flexible business’s money circulation. There will be no problem for one who wants to own business. During this time, you should find a chance to make a charity to underprivileged to support your luck.

Libra (17 October-15 November)

Influence of Ace of wands: You will create work acceptable by people in your working field. However, you need to be careful of others’ jealousy. If you wish to change job, you will find the suitable job with higher payment. It is good opportunity for self-employed business to start new project which will go well beyond what you have expected. There will be no problems in financial issue as there are good fortunes coming in various ways. There are also some hopes from risk-taking without greed. Love in general is not that exciting but full of understanding. Single one will find new love by chance. Long term couple will have some conflicts over unbalanced time. As It is not a big matter, stress should not be involved. Making merit together is a must to support love fortune.

Scorpion (16 November-15 December)

Influence of The Magician: You will have luck on work. You will create good work pleasing your boss at your regular work. You will also earn more from extra job. It is also a good time for people who want to change job as you will get a more stable job with higher payment. Self-employed business will move forward quickly. However, you need to watch out for making a quick decision because it will bring bad consequence later. You will meet the most satisfying person to fall in love with bringing back the brighter day. People on a date seem happier than before. For money matter, there will be a great deal of fortune coming from traveling. During this period with good luck, it is a good idea to find a chance to help underprivileged to foster better fortune.

Sagittarius (16 December-14 January)

Influence of Eight of Wand: You are concentrating very hard on your duty creating satisfying piece of work; beyond what was expected. If you are looking for new job, you will be called for a job. Business of self-employed starts to get better. Still, satellite might cause some problems. It is as well a good time for one who is looking for new investment. There is a hope for a love back of one who is a secret admirer. Couple with previous conflict will finally come to well understanding. You will have luck on money circulation. However, you need to be careful of relatives’ persecution so, don’t be too generous. Offering food to a monk is a good way to make merit to foster life fortune.

Capricorns (15 January- 12 February)

Influence of Knight of Cups: You will have a good luck in love; unware of secret admirer. Your life is more cheerful. Non-single one should be careful of lover’s being too paranoid causing many conflicts. You will finally happy with the right job after keeping your fingers crossed for a long time. It is also a moment for one who desires the higher position. Merchant’s business is going well with more customers coming. One who is hoping to start the business will have support and help. People close to you will bring luck on money. Gambling is prohibited as there will be no gain. It is best to do good deeds to your parents.

Aquarius (13 February-14 March)

Influence of King of Cups: You will work happily because your work is pleasing your boss. One who is thinking of changing job will find the right job with higher payment. Business’s merchant especially, involving food is going well. It is a good time for one who wants to start business. One with new relationship needs to be careful of loving non-single person. Some might meet defective but stable person. Luck on money comes from your siblings bringing a better money circulation. During this period with good luck, often making merit is a support for forever good luck.

Pisces (15 March- 12 April)

Influence of Knight of Pentacles: You are having massive luck from your best friends driving the stress away. Creditors will surprisingly get the money back. Debtors will be indulgenced. The single one will find the right person to love. However, you cannot rush otherwise there will be problems later. People with long time dating will finally end up being couple. You will get support from your boss on your work. You will create excessively outstanding work especially, if you are working related to financial institution causing others to feel jealous and want to stab behind your backs. Therefore, you need to be careful. Business owner will have financial support to bring better flow. Worshiping Ganesha is a suggestion for more stable life.


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