Gypsies 12 zodiacs forcasts between 15 Sep-14 Oct 2017 By Kittikun Ponllawan

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 September-14 October 2017

By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

Aries (13 April-14 May)

Influence of Ace of Wands: You will create the outstanding and better work which will be accepted and admired by your boss. Self-employed business is going well as expected causing more sprit in working. If you are thinking of owning a business, don’t hesitate because it is a perfect timing. For love, the single will finally meets the new love accidentally. There will be some small problems on the way for long-term couple because of others’ words so, they don’t need to care or think about it too much. Even though there are many ways for money to come in, there are still some over expense. So, you need to economize a big time. Risk-taking is not a suggestion as it is not worth the candle. During this time, you need to foster your fortune for a better life by doing good deed with the poor.

Taurus (15 May-14 June)

Influence of Ten of Cups: Long-term single person will meet the right lover bringing more cheerful life. The long-term married couple‘s dream of having a child will finally be fulfilled. Your luck on money will come from close people causing good money circulation. With all the luck, making merit is the suggestion especially, to the one with poorer condition. It will bring better life fortune. For career, there is the creation of satisfying piece of work even though there are people waiting to stab you behind your back so, you don’t need to care. Merchant’s business is going well attracting a partner to invest. It is a perfect time for the one who think of owing their own business as it will bring satisfying success. Sīvali should be worshiped for more stable life fortune.

Gemini (15 June-15 July)

Influence of Ace of Pentacles: You will receive good luck unexpectedly from intimate people bringing the solution for the existing money problem. Debtor will divisibly clear the problems with their creditors depleting existing stress. The single one will attract many people but they need to be careful as they might find insincere ones. Married couple should be steady and try not to make a big deal out of little things, especially others’ words which will cause disunion in the family. Self-employed business is going well and being expanded.

Cancer (16 July-16 August)

Influence of Six of Cups: You will find love with the younger ones. You will also get back together with your ex. Married couple will have good luck from their children. The luck on money will come from relatives bringing smoother money circulation. Share player will also receive moderate amount of money but don’t be greedy as it is not worth. Self-employed business is going well attracting more business partner. A person with routine work will work happily because of your boss’s support. The one who wants to change work will be invited by their ex-boss. Doing good deed with underprivileged children will bring better life fortune.

Leo (17 August-16 September)

Influence of Wheel of Fortune: Self-employed business is going well because of the support from seniors. The one who thinks of owning a business should not hesitate as it is the perfect timing. Salary earners will also make a good progress on work creating the work impressive to their boss. The unemployed will finally get a job unless they are too picky. There might be some problems on love because of trifle but the couple will eventually get back together. The new couple might have some problems because of unbalanced time. The luck on money will come from unexpected things. However, such money is not last long so, you should spend some money on valuable things and making merit for better and more often luck. During this time, you should find time to meditate and pray for a better life fortune.

Virgo (17 September-16 October)

Influence of Three of Cups: Love is outstanding; the couple’s love is going well with their fortunes supporting each other. Married couple’s hope for a child will finally be fulfilled. The single one having a crush on someone will finally gain the love back. Your lover will bring financial luck causing better money circulation. Creditors will receive some money from their debtors back. With all luck on money, some part of it should be donated to underprivileged children for better life fortune. The unemployed will finally find job with higher payment. The current employed worker’s progress will be supported by their boss. Self-employed business will be expanded after a long wait. You should also watch out for food as there might be some problems with your health. For a better life fortune, praying at 9 temples is the suggestion.

Libra (17 October-15 November)

Influence of Seven of Wands: You will be lucky on work because of your work being better than expected causing others’ jealousy. Merchant’s business is going well keeping consistent work. Even though money is not that striking, it keeps coming in. However, don’t be too yielding to let anyone borrow your money. Risk-taking is not that outstanding so, don’t take any risks as it is not worth. The single one will fall in love unexpectedly and get along with their lover well with fortune supporting each other. Long-term couple will finally solve previous disagreement and get back together because of senior relatives’ help. During this time, making merit and taking a good care of your parents are suggestion to lead to better things in life.

Scorpion (16 November-15 December)

Influence of Queen of Cups: Long-term married couple’s hope for a child is finally comes true. The new couple will get along well with the best understanding. The couple with previous problems will get help from seniors bringing back the old good day. You will gain a huge luck on money from family members bringing back the smoother money circulation. Share player will also gain a huge amount of money. The creditors will finally get all the debt back from their debtors. With all the money luck, some part of it should be donated to children in need for better luck. For work, the progress will eventually be made with the support from seniors. The one who just moves to the new work will easily adjust to the new working system. Self-employed business is going well attracting some new investors. However, it is going well working solo. Worshiping Ganesha is to foster life fortune.

Sagittarius (16 December-14 January)

Influence of Knight of Pentacles: You will receive an amount of money from unexpected luck. Share player will also get a huge amount of money unexpectedly. The one who is asking for a loan to buy valuable things will finally get approval. For work, the progress will be made by leaps and bounds causing others to feel repulsion. Self-employed business will have a new investment from a new partner causing a business to grow faster than expected. For love, you will meet new unprepared love so, you need to consider well for the insincere ones. For the one who just starts the new job, the adjustment to the new working system is going well. Self-employed business is also going smoother than before. Releasing eel is the suggestion to support the life fortune.

Capricorns (15 January- 12 February)

Influence of Eight of Pentacles: Self-employed business owner will be successful fast but you need to be slow to expend the business. Routine worker will also be successful creating a good work admired by others. However, you need to watch out for your own personal issue as there will be somebody talking about it sarcastically. Financial issue is going quite fantastically but not the risk-taking fate. For love, you will gain a love back from your secret crush. The single one will meet a person of your type so, take this relationship slow. Making merit occasionally will foster your life fortune for a better one.

Aquarius (13 February-14 March)

Influence of The Lovers: Being a flirt can be a cause of reputation ruined. The long-term couple should not be too credulous otherwise your love will bring chaos. You should find time to make merit together to smoother your love fortune. Even though you can create such a wonderful piece of work, you will be stressful because of the problem with your colleagues. Self-employed business owner should watch out your own satellites and contarct with customers. You should also watch out for your expenses because of the nonsense issue. Share player might still receive some money if they are not too greedy. Money from risk-taking is also not that big deal. Finding time to pray at Shrine of the City Pillar for more stable life fortune.

Pisces (15 March- 12 April)

Influence of King of Pentacles: It is a good time for you if you want to start the business. Routine worker will get a higher payment. You will meet a new love and get along well. However, you need not to make a big deal out of little things. Long-term married couple’s relationship is also going wonderfully with more understanding towards each other. Money will come from different ways, especially for share player who will likely be wealthy from accurate profit speculation. Risk-taking lover will also be lucky. The one who is asking for a loan to buy valuable things will get unexpected approval. During this time, doing good deed with underprivileged people will bring happier life, no trouble.


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