Gypsies 12 zodiacs forcasts between 15 Oct-14 Nov 2017 By Kittikun Ponllawan

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 October-14 November 2017

By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

Aries (13 April-14 May)

Influence of Three of Swords: If you are employee, you will be supported from your boss. All you need to do is listening to others’ opinions. One who is looking for a new job, there is someone wanting to offer you a more stable job with higher payment. Merchant’s business is going well attracting more investment. Some merchants can attract others’ helps causing their businesses to grow beyond expected. One who wants to start business shouldn’t hesitate to do so otherwise you can miss the big shot. Even though there is money coming in, don’t be too generous to financially guarantee anyone. Risk-taker will get some returns if they are not too greedy. If so, there is no return at all. Love is going well but yet, you need to be aware of your feeling to the third party which can bring you endless troubles. If you are a secret admirer, you shouldn’t be aggressive so you can feel a chance. Offering monks a food is bringing you a better life.


Taurus (15 May-14 June)

Influence of Eight of Cups: You will get frustrated with your lover’s equivocal behaviors leading to frequent argument. The new couple’s is going slowly with just minor problems. Even though the money keeps coming, there are many social tax to pay especially, for someone who have to socially save their faces. Luck from risk-taking is not worth the candle. Frequent travelling is a part of your job which creates outstanding works. One who wants to change their jobs is not in the place to do so. It is better to stay in the current job. Merchant’s business is going quite well along with their negotiations. Some merchants’ businesses are being expanded especially, businesses about food.  Regular employees is still going unhurriedly and well. You might have some health issues because of food taken. Releasing turtles and fish is the suggestion for doing the good deed which will bring better life fortune.

Gemini (15 June-15 July)

Influence of King of Wands: If you have some unresolved issues with your co-workers, you will get help from your boss and then, work happily. You will be called in for a job you have applied for earlier. Self-employed business is moving forward attracting more investment. One who is having problem with money circulation will receive help for the smoother circulation. You are not financially in trouble. However, you don’t have luck for risk-taking. The one with long single status will finally find the right older person. The couple with disagreement will finally come to understanding. You should watch out for blood pressure and some exercises would help. Making merit and filling lamp oil are to foster your and your family’s fortunes bringing smoother happier lives.

Cancer (16 July-16 August)

Influence of The Chariot: For your general fortune, it is the time to pack your bags for one who wants to travel aboard. Regular employee’s job is going well because of their outstanding works. However, you need to beware of unrevealed jealous people. For one who just starts the job, don’t stress out too much because you are creating the satisfying works. Freelancer’s works are going forward well beyond expected. Nevertheless, you must not be overconfident otherwise you will cause the problems with your partners. Some self-employed may get involved in big project with foreign company causing smoother money circulation. For love, you may come across new love accidentally and get along quite well from the beginning. For long-term married couple, flexibility will help reduce disagreement if not, stress is coming on the way. For finance, you will receive luck from a far-away friend who creates smoother money circulation. Making merit by meditation and pray brings better lives.

Leo (17 August-16 September)

Influence of The Death: You will get a headache because of excessive expenses. However, you still have some unexpected lucks on the way. Share-players have a chance to expect for a huge amount of money. The debtors may have to bear with the debt calls. The long-term couple may have to restraint their minds if their loves come to an end as it is better than suffering continuously. You must take the relationship slowly if you are just start dating. For work, if you are having an issue with your boss, you might have to take a pick whether to stay or leave. If you are currently doing extra job, you’d better manage your time well otherwise your regular job will be affected.   The merchant’s business will not make it if it is not adjusted. So, you’d better hurry to do so before it is too late. You should take care of your health better if you are aged otherwise ailing sickness will happen. Donating coffins is to support your better life fortune.

 Virgo (17 September-16 October)

Influence of Knight of Pentacles: Business money for self-employed will go smoother causing the business to move forward and attract big project to support. Salary workers will create works pleased by their bosses and be placed in the important positions with higher payment. Love is going well but yet, you need to be careful about unbalanced time as it needs to be well-managed. Some of you might have to watch out for the minor argument with your relatives on money issues.  One who hopes for luck by risk-taking, there are some but you need to save some money as well because high expenses are lined up ahead. Doing good deed to underprivileged is to support your life fortune. Migraine and other diseases from stress become health problems during this time. Releasing turtles is to foster health fortune.

Libra (17 October-15 November)

Influence of Ace of Swords: Salary worker will go through crisis in work. However, it also creates the good opportunity for important positions. One who wants to change a job will be approached but you have to be cautious about the return. Merchant’s business can keep going beyond expected because of others’ supports. One who just starts the business will going just fine at the beginning and the, it will keep getting extremely better. Financially, even though there are expenses, there are also revenue. Some may receive unexpected luck. For love, you need to take care your love occasionally to get rid of the existing problems. One who is secret admirer needs to take things slow because you have some hopes. Releasing fish and birds occasionally is to foster life fortune for forever happiness.

Scorpion (16 November-15 December)

Influence of Six of Swords: Your work keeps going unhurriedly without any disturbances. Self-employed business is going well especially, about food. Couple with existing problems have to remain clam to find solutions. You will have consistent income reducing some of your stress.

Sagittarius (16 December-14 January)

Influence of Temperance: You will have less stress at work because the solutions are found. Merchant’s business system is changed to make business run better. The couple will come to more understanding and agreement to bring better love. You will receive financial lucks from travelling causing smother money circulation.

Capricorns (15 January- 12 February)

Influence of Ten of Wands: Salary workers will overwork causing health problems. Even though it is going well for merchant’s business, making a quick decision is not to do. Even though there are many ways for money to come in, the huge amount of expense will come unexpectedly. For love, no time for each other will cause problems for lovers.

Aquarius (13 February-14 March)

Influence of Two of Wands: You will work happily because of co-workers helping each other. Merchant’s business will receive a big project because of their partners. Money issue is not that exciting but yet, not in trouble. The couple is finally get along well bringing back the sweet old days. The secret admirer might not have things being on their way because of their hastes.

Pisces (15 March- 12 April)

Influence of Two of Swords:  You will get confused about love because you cannot make up your mind who your choice is. For financial issue, don’t hesitate because the huge fortune is on the way. For work, even though your work is outstanding, the return is not satisfying causing your doubtfulness whether to stay or leave. Self-employed business is going well so, you should not be anxious with your competitors.

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