Gypsies 12 zodiacs forcasts between 10 June-09 July 2017 By Kittikun Ponllawan

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 10 June-09 July 2017

By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

Aries (13 April-14 May)

Influence of King of Wands: One who is working a routine job will make a progress because of their boss’s support. You will need to at least listen to others’ opinions. If you are looking for a new job, there will be somebody offering you that job with higher payment and more stability. Merchant’s business will go well with more investment. Some will be asked for a partnership resulting in more- than-expected success in business. One who is thinking of starting a business, don’t hesitate otherwise you will miss such a good chance. For finance issue, even though you have earned enough to spend, do not yield to anyone who wants you to financially guarantee them since it is not worth the candle. You anyway will go well on love but don’t fall for the third person otherwise there will be endless problems. Moreover, your secret crush will start to like you back. You will need to go slowly and don’t rush anything. Offering food to monks is the suggestion for better life.

Taurus (15 May-14 June)

Influence of Seven of Cups: You will feel upset over your insincere lover causing frequent argument. New couple’s love will go on unhurriedly with some minor problems. For financial issue, money is wasted with unnecessary staff despite big income acquisition. Some might being too generous causing the huge money loss. Luck from risk-taking is not worth the candle. You will be travelling a lot from work creating some working achievement.  However, there is not a good time to change the job. There is some lucks for merchant doing some negotiations.  Some businesses are getting bigger especially, brokers. Employees are also going well, not as exciting but good enough.  There are also some health problems because of being gluttonous. Making a merit and doing some meditation are the suggestion for better luck.

Gemini (15 June-15 July)

Influence of King of Cups: Luck on money comes from your senior relatives bringing a better money circulation. You will also gain help with money circulation from one who is close to you. Love is going well, not that exciting but full of understanding. Family will spend time on a trip together bringing the closeness and understanding. Teenager love, however, is very much exciting. Therefore, problems are waiting ahead. You will get a more satisfying new job with foreign company. It is also the good chance to start for one who wants to be self-employed. During this time, you should find a chance to make merit for more stable and smoother life.

Cancer (16 July-16 August)

Influence of Eight of Wands: You will get lucky on work; you will get support from your boss. If you are changing job, you will get a new job with higher payment. Self-employed business is going well attracting more partners and making a beyond-expected progress.  Long-term single person will finally meet unexpected new love. However, it will be difference in ages and some may meet foreign widows. Love problems for marriage couple will begin to be solved bringing back the worth. You will also have unexpected luck on money. The travelers will receive luck from traveling. Health problems may come from eating. Releasing turtles will help foster health fortune.

Leo (17 August-16 September)

Influence of Five of Cups: You are being unreliable at work; working without good responsibility because of private problems. You will be blamed from your boss so, you will need immediate self-improvement. Merchant’s business is not as good as before. Giving up is not an option as you will have other chances. Love for working people is not as good as expected because of insincere people. They need to stay still and step away. Married couple should be careful of the third party causing troubling problems. The couple should have steady minds before those problems escalating. For money, even though there are some income, it will be wasted on unnecessary things. Therefore, you should always be conscious before spending those money.

Virgo (17 September-16 October)

Influence of Ten of Swords:  Your fate in love might come to an end if you are listening to others too much. Others people’s saying may cause some problems for the married couple. So, they will need to think over before speak or do something. For financial issue, the debtors will be asked to pay the old debts causing the severe stress. Creditors may need to let go about bad debts. Luck on risk-taking is not on the way. Work for employees will receive too much work but no credit from their boss causing severe stress. Self-employed businesses need to be careful about conflict of interest with their partners. You need to watch out for your health problems because of the stress.

Libra (17 October-15 November)

Influence of Two of Wands: You will create outstanding work appreciated by your boss but intensely disliked by colleagues. If you wish to change job, you will find better job. Self-employed business owner will receive big project resulting in big profit. For money, you will receive unexpected luck from your close friends bringing the smooth money circulation. Share players will receive some money but they should not be greedy. For love, it is not that exciting but full of understanding. Single one will find love in work place. Time will be problem for long-term couple causing some minor problems. They don’t need to get serious. Making merit together with your lover will make a better life.

Scorpion (16 November-15 December)

Influence of Three of Pentacles: You will have luck on work. Besides your regular work, you will also earn more from extra job. It is also a good time for people who want to change job. Merchant business will move forward quickly. However, you need to watch out for making a quick decision because it will bring bad consequence later. You will meet the most satisfying person to fall in love with bringing back the brighter day. People on a date seem happier than before. For money matter, there will be a great deal of fortune coming from traveling. During this period with good luck, releasing birds and fish are to foster better fortune.

Sagittarius (16 December-14 January)

Influence of Seven of Wand: You are concentrating very hard on your duty creating satisfying piece of work; beyond what was expected. If you are looking for new job, you will be called for a job. Business of self-employed starts to get better. Still, details in contract might cause some problems. It is as well a good time for one who is looking for new investment. There is a hope for a love back of one who is a secret admirer. Couple with previous conflict will finally come to well understanding. You will have luck on money circulation. However, you need to be careful of relatives’ persecution so, don’t be too generous. Making a merit by releasing birds and fish are to foster life fortune.

Capricorns (15 January- 12 February)

Influence of Two Of Cups: Single one will have a good luck in love; unware of secret admirer. Your life is more cheerful. Non-single one will get along better healing up the broken love. For work, you will make a progress because of your boss’s support. If you are changing your job, you will find the job you like with satisfying payment. Self-employed business is going well with more customers. It is also a moment for one who is hoping to start the business. People close to you will bring luck on money causing smooth money circulation. Gambling is prohibited as there will be no gain. It is best to make some merit to foster more stable life.

Aquarius (13 February-14 March)

Influence of Knight of Cups: You will work happily because your work is pleasing your boss. One who starts the new job will get along well with the system. Self-employed business is going well with more customers. It is a good time for one who wants to start business. For love, some who start relationship need to be careful as you might attract others people’s lover. Some might be surprised as they will attract the same sex. Luck on money comes from your family members bringing a better money circulation. During this period with good luck, regular making merit and worshiping Ganesha are a support for better life fortune.

Pisces (15 March- 12 April)

Influence of Ace of Pentacles: You will receive valuable thing from your lover bringing the feeling of joy. Share player will receive a big amount of money. Creditors will surprisingly get the money back. The single will find the right person. If you both take the relationship slowly, you will make possible long term relationship. Long-term lover will finally be the real couple resulting in joyful love life. For work, you will get support from your boss resulting in someone feeling jealous of you especially, when you are working related to finance. Self-employed business is going well because of the support on money. Worshiping Ganesha is to foster the better and more stable work fortune.


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