Gucci allies with Hollywood legend,Tippi Hedren, launching latest collection!

Gucci allies with Hollywood legend,Tippi Hedren, launching latest collection!

Tippi Hedren, well-known hollywood celebrity since 70s., now, she is back for her exclusive work with Gucci.

Gucci is a world class luxury brand, never stops producing new ultimate collection. Recently, Gucci just launched watches and accessories which collaborates with Tippi Hedren to represent the mysterious of fashion world, alluringly perfectly with the new collection.

This campaign represents the spiritual mysterious word, inspired by horoscope prediction. The predictor who is visited by a group of young people at the place which has been designed with Los Angeles contemporary style – yellow coated chair, silk table cloth, and decorated with crystal and candle.

It lures young ones to come for palm reading prediction with crystal ball, and each of them wear Key Items from the latest collection i.e. G-Frame Watch, G-Timeless, and automate watches, Fine Jewelry  Ouroboros, GG Running and Le Marche des Merveilles.

Tippi Hedren is a successful model and even more well-known from the movie called The Birds and Marnie directed by Alfred Hitchcock, who propagates allured mysterious campaign perfectly, do not miss out!


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