Google appease SMEs by adding a new tool “Google My Business”

Google appease SMEs by adding a new tool “Google My Business”

Nowadays, SME businesses are getting lots of attention, but most of SME business owners face a limit of the investment and access to the new generation of customers who, increasingly, make an online purchase.

Survey by Google found that, in 2025 digital will raise economy in the SEA region to 2 trillion US dollars- Thailand will worth 37 million US dollars, resulting from 45 millions of smartphone users.

Comparing between digital businesses and non-digital one, digital businesses earn 9% more, gain profits more than 26% and will help businesses value more than 12%.

Google just launched the new tool, Google My Business (GMB) to help SMEs create their own websites with just a few steps and less than 10 minutes. The GMB function will help finding their sites easily on Google Search and navigate through Google Map. GMB was first launched in 2014 and over the past years GMB has grown at 120%.

Google appease SMEs by adding a new tool “Google My Business”

How to use Google My Business (GMB)

  1. Download GMB
  2. Complete the form correctly.
  3. Subscribe by GMB, which will provide users a free domain registration.

Google appease SMEs by adding a new tool “Google My Business”

Beside, Google My Business (GMB) also includes a new feature, “Promotion Post”, which can add temporary and short-term promotions, upload pictures, and respond to positive and negative reviews promptly and consistently. Moreover, Promotion Post can collect customer data through a dashboard in order to understand the customer need.

Google appease SMEs by adding a new tool “Google My Business”

What are benefits of Google My Business (GMB)?

  • Can create a website rapidly and get free domains from Google
  • Be searchable on Google Search or Google Maps, it will be seen by users and easily accessible
  • Works on both desktop and smartphone
  • There is a dashboard for the store’s insight display, which show demographic of the group of consumers
  • Can add texts, images and choose various themes
  • There is a call center where available for questions in case of any doubt, the number is 1800-012-722 (Which is Google’s first investment to hire more staff for call center)
  • Can create posters to promote store’s activities
  • Supports all types of businesses
  • Can show responsibility or clarify cases with negative feedbacks or reviews occurred the store
  • Can link their own websites (if it already exists) to Google My Business service
  • No additional charges

There are currently 3 million registered businesses in Thailand, which only 13% are e-commerce systems. Approximately 2 million businesses, or 71% are retail businesses and services, and more than 80% of these groups have no use digital, but rely on walk-in customers due to consumer routine has not yet permanently gone online. Many consumers are also consumed offline, therefore, Google My Business will help connecting customers from the online world to the offline world. Michael Jittiwanich, Chief Marketing Officer, Google Thailand, said.


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