How to Get a Summer Body Without Starving or Hitting the Gym

How to Get a Summer Body Without Starving or Hitting the Gym

weight loss, How to Get a Summer Body Without Starving or Hitting the Gym

Although it would be best to stay active and mindful about our body year-round, it’s not unusual for us to bulk up during the wintertime and start working on our summer body at the last minute.

Well, keeping in mind that later is better than never, we’ve asked experts from a Chicago weight loss clinic to let us in on how to get a summer body without starving ourselves to death or hitting the gym so often we eventually lose both strength and interest. Thankfully, you can incorporate numerous tips and tricks into your lifestyle and get closer to your summer body step by step. Here’s what you’ll need to pay attention to:


You’ve heard this virtually a million times, and it may even start getting on your nerves, but drinking enough water is genuinely the first step leading you to your dream body and overall well-being. Water plays a vital role in so many processes in your body, so it’s essential to get enough of it.

This is especially true during the summertime since your body loses even more water by sweating. If you’ve ever tried increasing your water intake, you probably know all about the incredible benefits it brings to your body. Moreover, by staying hydrated throughout the day, you’re significantly decreasing your chances of bloating.


As we mentioned earlier, no one wants to starve to get their summer body since it’s neither healthy nor pleasant. That’s why you should aim for a sustainable and healthy diet that will help you achieve your summer weight goal without making you unhappy, tired, or weak.

For instance, you may start by cutting down on carbs since they are known to increase bloating and somewhat mess with your blood sugar levels. To compensate for the calorie deficit, you should increase your protein and healthy fats intake. You can try by entirely skipping carbs for breakfast and have some eggs instead.

Eggs will keep you full for much longer and won’t cause any bloating. Lunch is an excellent opportunity to have a portion of lean protein with some side salad, and dinner should be either light or skipped altogether. By skipping dinner, you’ll enter a form of intermittent fasting, which is shown to help the weight loss and the fat burn process in the human body. Lastly, embrace all the seasonal fruit and veggies to make sure you get enough fiber in your system.


Whether you consider yourself a gym-goer or not, summertime is a fantastic opportunity to get more active. Although it would be best to incorporate both cardio workouts and lifting weights, you can also embrace all the other outdoor activities. Swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, cycling, etc., should be your activities of choice if you’re looking to burn some extra calories while having fun.

If you feel more determined about working out, we advise combining cardio and strength exercises for the best results. For example, doing a light cardio workout on an empty stomach will get your metabolism up and running, and lifting weights will ensure you keep your muscle mass. HIIT workouts are more than welcome as well.


Yes, find some time to rest. It’s not all about staying active and pushing yourself to the limits. It’s equally important to give your body the rest it deserves, and it’s sometimes difficult to do so during the summertime. Warm nights often come with parties and other forms of celebrations, staying up late, and sleeping till noon. However, by maintaining a healthy sleep regimen, you’ll support numerous processes in your body, including those responsible for your weight.

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