The Fleece Jacket is Officially Trending

The Fleece Jacket is Officially Trending

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Alongside PSLs and leggings, a fleece jacket used to be a key part of the Basic Student starter pack. Now, the fashion industry is claiming it as its own. Indie designer Sandy Liang was the first to adopt the look back in 2015 with her Insta-famous outerwear, but the trend is peaking. Philip Lim, Fendi, and other top designers elevated the jacket for the Fall ‘19 runway, literally putting the ‘camp’ in ‘campy.’

Expect to see shearling move beyond college campuses and hiking trails, thanks to reworked silhouettes and trims in leather, or just wear an OG Patagonia with a floral dress (like at Coach 1941).

Eight reasons why you should cave and buy in to the the practical style, here.

Classic Retro-X® Fleece Jacket

You can’t go wrong with the OG style.

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Dean Faux-Fur Mixed Leopard Print Fleece
Sandy Liang

This New York-based designer was the first to elevate the fleece into high fashion terrain.

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Faux Shearling Utility Vest
& Other Stories

This oversized vest reminds us of vintage camping gear (but better).

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Hooded Printed Shearling Jacket
Miu Miu

You’ll be tempted to wear this high fashion hoodie on your next hike.

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Sierra Pullover
Anine Bing

What’s cozier than this?

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Campshire Pullover Hoodie
The North Face

We suggest searching through the men’s section for more fleece options, like this retro sweater.

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Pile Jacket

Lavender looks good on you.

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Funnel-neck fleece jacket

The neon trim on this one gives a subtle upgrade to the fleece jacket.

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