FATHOM BOOKSTORE: Self-learning source, More than a book store

FATHOM BOOKSTORE: Self-learning source, More than a book store

Bookstores are believed to be a tricky business because it requires such passion and real enthusiasm in order to prolong and sustain the business.  Especially in today’s society where printed publications and papers are competing with high-speed social media. Bookstores particularly in modern trade groups will have to come up with various marketing strategies in order to adapt.

However, the more popular social media gets, the more book stores that once were successful receive the feedback. Interestingly, the unique outstanding traits a bookstore carries provide a path to its business accomplishment.

FATHOM BOOKSTORE: Self-learning source, More than a book store

Take FATHOM BOOKSPACE as an example. Located in Soi Suan Ploo area on Satorn Road, FATHOM BOOKSPACE is a unique and distinctive bookstore different from the other little ones. The book space has been opened for over two years, guaranteed by two female reading lovers; Pattaraanong Siripipat or Pan and Kanitta Tammapanya or Kookkai, the owner and the executive of the FATHOM BOOKSPACE.

“Two years ago we wanted to run our own business, we were trying to figure out what could we do or what would make us happy. Finally, we found books, arts and learning methods for people to live more happily in this world, so we combined these three things and that is how the FATHOM BOOKSPACE was born. Our bookstore does not only supply books but also beverages and different weekly workshops focusing on self-learning and self-understanding. We also change the book theme every two months so that more readers could participate”

“Speaking of the name, “FATHOM” comes from an ancient unit of measure (of ocean’s depth) meaning from one hand to the other. Its meaning can also relate to embrace, perception, and understanding which represents the ideas of the bookstore we were coming up with, and that is how we got the name. Besides its significant meaning, the name also gives out an adorable comfy homely vibe when being pronounced”

This is essentially the beginning of a small but diverse bookstore run on self-learning supporting concept through assorted schemes that has before never been seen in any bookstores in Thailand.

FATHOM BOOKSTORE: Self-learning source, More than a book store

“Our store does not only sell books, it is also a space which allows people to come read and interact with others. While customers are using our bookstore, they can take a sip of coffee while talking to friends or making new ones. Unlike those in the cyber world, the people in our bookstore are real; they help one another feel relaxed and happier. We offer a lot of book types, such as literary works, novels, poems both short and long, translations, documentaries, kids’ books, nature books, and picture albums. They do not have to be written by the most famous writers full of awards but filled with great beneficial contents which will make a change in people’s perception and emotions so that they are able to overcome and go through certain rough time of life.” 

“We try to create fun friendly weekly workshops aiming to help people learn and understand themselves better. An event like the embroidery workshop, we didn’t look forward to seeing the great results or how many designs people have embroidered. Not even how luxurious they turned out. What happen to be more important are the new aspects that participants have acquired on the way of learning, for example how do they feel when making a wrong move, what are the solutions, will they keep fixing and embroidering or will they stop to make a new one. These questions are fundamentally natural and are part of inner-learning-process which gradually helps people see and comprehend themselves.”

“Anyway, sometimes we invite interesting people to be our guests called human-books. The reason is for our customers to ask questions, discuss, and connect with our special guests as if they were unopened books; this is another way of learning which people have been paying a lot of attention to. ”

FATHOM BOOKSTORE: Self-learning source, More than a book store

Due to the amazing different ideas supporting self-leaning, a lot of readers are in love with FATHOM BOOKSPACE. Even the people living outside the city always feel the need to drop by whenever they visit Bangkok. These supporting notable visions on self-comprehension differentiate FATHOM BOOKSPACE from other bookstores. It elevates sentimental value which can get sensitive to handle, however the two owners do not find it a big problem, instead they steadily stand for their ideology and enjoy it.  

Even though Pan and Kookkai try to be humble about their marketing skills, they indeed still have to learn more about marketing strategies. However, the unique special characters and features lying in their bookstore are clever marketing strategies themselves and therefore deserve to be in the most informative wisdom bookstore.   

For possible additions, the owners have announced that they have been working on website development and advertisement in order to sustainably measure up to the rising growth of the bookstore.

FATHOM BOOKSTORE: Self-learning source, More than a book store

FATHOM BOOKSPACE is located on 572/3 Soi Satorn (Suanploo), opposite to Toongmahamake office, next to Aomsin Bank, on Satorn road Kwang Toongmahamake, Satorn district, Bangkok 10120.

The location is set in a diverse neighborhood populated by people at different age, with different jobs including children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly,

The groceries stores, markets, temples, schools, offices, governmental buildings, condominiums, and houses in the neighborhood create a complete interesting diverse environment.  

Opens daily (except on Wednesday) 10.00 AM – 8.30 AM

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