Experience shared with Roger Lucarelli

Experience shared with Roger Lucarelli

My brief personal life

My name is Roger Lucarelli.  I am 65 years old and have lived in Chiang Mai for the past 3 years.  I first came to Thailand in 1971 as a naive young airman for the USAF.  I was stationed in Ubon Ratchathani for one year.  This is where my love affair with the Land of Smiles began.

Decision to have a life in Thailand

I have been coming back every so often since then, mostly for pleasure.  However one year I joined with Flying Doctors of America where we set up mobile clinics to serve the poorer people in the North.  It was very rewarding to take care of their medical and veterinary needs.

Cultural shocks experiences

Cultural shocks?  I guess having come here for so long nothing really shocks me anymore.  I find the differences quite refreshing.

The current works and motivation

While I was in the Air Force I was a military working dog handler.  And to this day my affinity for these lovely creatures still exist.  I currently volunteer at a homeless dog shelter.  My motivation is simply to help and use my skills in a positive way.  The mostly Thai staff provide food, shelter and emergency medical care to our 4 legged friends.

Tips to have happy living in Thailand

The last tip I can offer is to engage yourself in a hobby or project that can keep you busy.  Make Thai friends, take a class and get outside of your comfort zone.

Thai woman

Although I appreciate Thai women I have not been lucky enough to find a partner as yet.  Dog kisses will have to do for now.. (LAUGH)

Suggestion for those who is planning to move permanently to Thailand

If I had any advice for those planning a permanent move here it would be to do some research first and definitely visit for some time.  The ‘my pen rai’ attitude will serve you well.  Relax and go with the flow.  and never lose your temper!  🙂

It is also very important to consider and health issues you may have and secure proper insurance coverage.  The facilities and medical care is very good and affordable for most Westerners.

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