Exhibition brings a new twist to wedding photos

Exhibition brings a new twist to wedding photos

There are specific photos that people expect to see from a wedding reception such as images of a bride in a beautiful white wedding dress, the bride and groom holding hands, and the best man and a bridesmaid.

Located at HOP Spot, Seacon Square Srinagarindra, the photo exhibition “Not Typical Wedding Photo” displays collections that differ from others. Presented by three photographers, Phuttiseth Chaipuwarat, Tanagon Tipprasert and Narisorn Tongsakorn, the exhibition is divided into three zones for each photographer — pre-ceremony photos, wedding guests, and distinctive images of brides and grooms.

“At the first zone, Narisorn showcases pre-ceremony wedding photos which present unique characters of brides and grooms. Narisorn always gets to know couples in detail which helps them be themselves and natural in front of a camera. Thus, Narisorn can capture their casual personalities,” said curator and photographer Phuttiseth.


Phuttiseth’s work is displayed in the second zone which focuses on people who attend wedding receptions.

Exhibition brings a new twist to wedding photos“Apart from a bride and groom, there are other people in a wedding reception. When a bride and groom look at photos of their wedding reception, they would be happy to see people they love as well as other guests in the collection,” Phuttiseth said.

Photos at the final zone taken by Tanagon have a deep meaning. Phuttiseth said that Tanagon’s photos are meaningful and encourage viewers to interpret them in various ways.

As a wedding photographer for seven years, Phuttiseth hopes that the exhibition will encourage viewers to experiment with something new.

“Images of wedding ceremonies and receptions can be something else besides brides and grooms. I hope that Thailand’s wedding photos will be out of the box and everyone will figure out their own unique styles.”

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