Exclusive interview Na Kluay – A Family man & an Entertainer

“Na Kuay is coming” has been the hilarious and ear-catching phrase for many of his fans. With his talent to entertain and his humble personality, he can easily win people’s hearts. Besides his career as an comedian, today Siamscope will take you to discover his other side of life.

The story of your life; the job and family including the first time to enter the entertainment industry

Exclusive interview Na Kluay – A Family man & an Entertainer

Our family is doing fine. I have three kids; my eldest son with one grandchild is a musician, my second one is having his own business and the youngest one is still a student. My wife is Khun Eed, Thanyapat Suk Thanawat. She is a housewife taking care of my show queues. Jobs as an actor keep on coming. I also have a few small businesses in hands to additionally support the family’s main income such as insect-glue-traps and the upcoming dietary supplement. I would like all my fans to consider once these products go out to the market. My life on show career path began when I was 10 as an actor in musical folk drama. I entered the comedy field in 1983 by forming the small comedy team making some shows in café.  However, it didn’t go well so I decided to move to Surachai Sombutchareon’s folksong band for more experiences.

After a while of struggling in comedy field, I met 4friends team which was supported by Seksan Phupradit. Seksan was MC of Music World show on channel 5 at that time supporting new generation of comedians like my team. We, as Heavy 4friends, became gradually well-known and successful from shows in café and cassette tapes record. The cassette tapes were quite popular and created a good reputation for 4friends team including myself. I attracted many interest from seniors in the field. They considered the new team like 4friends was quite highly popular and acknowledged by fans.

Not so long after that, I had a chance to work with Du Dokkradon team which seceded from Duer Doksadao team. I was doing quite well as part of the team. Du Dokkradon was a polite guy with not rude words coming out of his mouth. He was accepted by people. I stayed there for three years before moving to Note Chernyim team.

I was supported by Note Chernyim and invited to be a part of Chernyim family. I stayed there for four years, long enough that I was welcomed by comedy fans in the time of comedy café’s golden age. I also got a chance to work in TV show and form up my own comedy team called Kluay Chernyim.

It was the golden age for comedy café. You can call it “good financial liquidity”. I could afford the house and cars. Actually, I bought a house and a car since working with 4friends, then I expanded what I had. For example, I bought a town house at first and then I moved to the detached house once we had kids. The career as a comedian is considered a benefactor towards our family as it has paid for my kids’ education.

The recent entertainment works

Once I was popular enough in comedy field, I caught movie and TV industry’s attention who was looking for talented comedian to join their shows and movies. I can say that I am one of the comedians who has the most works in TV shows and movies. I am recently an actor in many shows especially, the most successful sit comedy for me is Heng Heng Heng. I am also an actor in sit comedy on channel 7 called Ahma Apartment. Like I said from the beginning that I own some small businesses which I want them to be something I can pass on to my children. One day I might not be able to work in this career path so, these businesses can help.

Education and the effect on job

I originally came from the farmer family. My mother side was farmers and my father was in musical folk drama profession. I didn’t get to study much. As a kid from rural area, I only graduated Pratom 5. I actually love studying. I even wanted to be a teacher when I was a little. I didn’t have a chance at that time because of family’s career as actors in musical folk drama moving place to place. When I grew up I always thought of studying and set a good example to my children. The additional benefit for me is that I can be a real good example for the community and the young who might not want to get involve in education because of their laziness. So, they can turn around and look at me that even though I am old, I can graduate from school. I was trying so hard finishing grade 12 from non-education school, then bachelor and master degree in Communication Arts from Krirk University.

Political work

I see that the political work is one way to help community directly. As a politician, the main job is to take care the country, to develop the country including the life of people in rural area. Therefore, I decided to become consultant to Chief Executive of Uttaradit PAO, Mr. Peerasak Porjit. The reason why I chose this province because It is my hometown. So, I want to do some good in return. After one year in the position, I applied for Member of The Parliament under Democrat Party with Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva as a head. I applied this position because it is my personal preference. I had prejudices towards nobody including my political opponents. I just wanted to be an option for the people and take care the society.

Exclusive interview Na Kluay – A Family man & an Entertainer

The first time to apply for Member of The Parliament was at Uttaradit district 2; Pichai, Laplae and Tron Districts. It was not that successful because I was newcomer to the area and didn’t do the survey much. As an actor, I had to stick around the main office in Bangkok. Some might say it should be the advantage of being an actor because of the reputation. It is a yes, but the politician is supposed to go into the area and get in touch with the locals for the sake of being loved, generosity and taking care of each other. That was why I wasn’t selected.  However, the 10,000 votes from the people in the areas were the benevolence and good support for me to continue this path. It is for me to think again in the future if the political path is really suitable for me and how good I can do. Even though I like to do it, my main work as an actor and my age of 60 can be an obstacle.

The political works’ effect on the entertainment works

Of course, there is an effect. They are totally different stories. Their job descriptions are different. The actor’s job is to make people smile, laugh and be happy. The political work is to maintain laws and develop the country with opponents who are standing the opposite side. That is why there will be vilification assaulting the opponents’ reputation. However, it is not my style as I think that everybody makes mistakes in life but those mistakes will not make them a bad person, the worse that cannot serve the country.  As an actor, I live my life carefully with minor mistakes. I will not be a ruffian or a drug dealer. All I think is how to provide the country and people in rural area the better life, equal to those in urban area for example, roads, electricity, water, education or medical treatment. I’ve looked further to our children’s future. Politics is rather the positive issue. It is the voluntary not a business. A person who want to jump in must be ready and dedicated not to find some profits out of it.

Doing a lot of jobs’ effect on family’s time

Exclusive interview Na Kluay – A Family man & an EntertainerIt will affect the time spent with my family. Sometime, just my wife and I would drive alone without the kids, for example, to Uttaradit when I was a consultant to Chief Executive of Uttaradit PAO. It was the difficult time for us driving with the difficulty. We had to drive back and forth from Uttaradit back to Bangkok for entertainment jobs. We didn’t earn much from political job, just 10,000 baht plus was not enough to support the family. We did it because of our dedicated hearts. My family never mind what I do good to society. They always support. Plus, it is my liking so, all these obstacles are small issues for me. When I have a dedicated mind, I want to do my best. One day when I run out of energy or there are new generation to take over, I will slowly step away. I only pray that the new generation will be good and ready to sacrifice to the community.

The family

There is nothing to worry about my family now as all my children have grown up. My youngest one is also well-behaved. Our family is quite healthy; do whatever we want, eat whatever we want and go wherever we desire. Even though we are not that rich, we are proud of what we have. I think getting rich from something illegal affecting life in the future, it is discreditable. It is better to stay sufficient with happiness. When we feel happy with something, it is called a true happiness.

Secrets to tell about your long-term relationship and what to tell young lovers nowadays    

Finally, I want to say something about love. Teenage lovers who are still in the young and inappropriate age for sex should be able to dissuade their own minds. They should wait until the right time to do so. Being in love can be more than sex. They can be good friends helping each other out on the study or persuading each other to do exercises. It is better than obsessing with sex. If they make mistake like being pregnant, it would cause a problem. They are young and cannot even take care of themselves. Some of them, I have seen in the news, have abandoned their own babies. It is unacceptable and unpleasant to watch for me. Therefore, I want to tell the young that love is not wrong if you can control your mind.  You have to love right which means you should live your life carefully.

If you have questions, the parents are there to give answers. In this time, sex should be open to talk about. Parents should be good consultants to their children. One thing that worries me is that there is the distance between father, mother and a child. The graduated people always go to the big city to find jobs, to fall in love, to be married and to have a child. Some of them send a child back home to their parents to raise. It is not a good idea, I think, the love is not the same when the child is with his parents. Ones with enough potential should consider raise the child one their own. The child will feel true love.

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