Exclusive Interview Anusaree Tubsuwan

If there is a mention about talented and tough women, the name of Miss Anusree Tubsuwan must have been be there, in lots of people’s minds. Today, Siam Scope has a special chance to closely converse with her in many more in-depth aspects.

Exclusive Interview Anusaree Tubsuwan

First step to The Political Stage.

With the precedent interest about politics, Miss Anusree Tubsuwan made a choice to study Bachelor of Political Science in International Affairs, Chulalongkorn University and with her study effort, she graduated with First-Class Honors. She also furthered her study in Master of Development Policy at United States International University-Europe in London, England. After her degree completion, she has been in service for the government at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 17 years. She also was a consul working at Royal Thai Consular Office, Hong Kong during 2004-2008. Her career path in politics started on 14th December, 2010 as the secretary to the governor of Bangkok, Mom Rajawongse Sukhumbhand Paripatra, on both his first and second term in 2012.

Housework and Political work

She mentions that political work is what she has dreamt for. Because of her father’s work as an aide-de-camp and a confidant to the former prime minister, General Chatichai Choonhavan, she always had a chance to come along and listen to ideas of many politicians. She found out the story of how many matters have been in process to become the policy. Besides, the easiest thing to build the country development was to become one of the good politicians.

Even though she has been busy with political duties these days, Miss Anusree can perfectly allocate her time to other activities. She has put 100% to everything in life, for example, she gets up at 4 A.M. to prepare for work at the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security including work in strategic matter or social problems analysis. In the evening, she often meets up with her friends or different social groups for dinner. Besides, she often reads before bed to feed her brain. On weekends, she will spend time with her sister (as her parents are departed) eating, making merits or shopping. She finally concludes that her time management technique is to love her job, pay attention to society and put a heart into her family.

Political Responsibility

Previously, Miss Anusree was responsible for information management at Ministry of Social Development and Human Security or I.O relating the clarification of the Ministry’s works to the public. The minister of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Police General Adul Saengsingkaew who is also a friend of Miss Anusree’s father, later invited Miss Anusree to join the work with him. At present, Miss Anusree is working as a secretary at the Secretariat of the Prime Minister office basing at the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. She is also working as a spokesperson for the minister of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in charge of strategic matter to create ways to support the minister’s policy in how strategy can be established to create the results extension.

Labor direction and country development strategy in 20 years

            According to the fact that labor mission is mainly the responsibility of the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will take charge mainly in the development of the social welfare organization, society and social work including the protection and support of the rights and social welfare services to target group.

Thai Political Direction which positively affects new generation and youngster stepping into labor market

She answers not specifically that Thai politics is getting through the transition in many aspects; the upcoming new constitution as well as the prospective election, which are established to eliminate or to decrease previous political problems, must be clear, good governance and honest.  Appearances of both politics and politicians must contain credibility and faithfulness, not full of doubtfulness, suspicion and distrustfulness. Besides, new generation who wants to join political affairs must be intellectual and moral, not in the form of influential or affluent person. As a positive effect towards new generation and youngster stepping into labor market, if there is a screening for new officers in new political system, new generation and youngster will step more fairly into labor market.

Exclusive Interview Anusaree Tubsuwan

New job, new place and new boss with responsibility in wider and deeper aspects towards people development.

She mentions that it is normal for people to make adaptation with new boss; learning each boss working style. For example, while she was the secretary to the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, she learnt that he was wise, amiable, kind and modern with philosophy in teaching just like a teacher.

The minister Adul Saengsingkaew as well, is a hard-working and morning person with principles. He is also strict and kind being all a boss, a brother and a teacher.

Working here in this ministry about people development is not considered different from duty as consul at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I had to look after Thais in Hong Kong. Working as the secretary to the governor of Bangkok is mainly about looking after people in Bangkok for their happiness. The work scope is much wilder as it is in government and country level.

The good and effective methods to deal with political problems in the office

She states not to get involved in other people’s businesses, to work within your own frame. However, she will help others with their problems and maintain good human relations, just not to join the specific group to avoid problems.

Hobbies in free time and on weekends

Not matter how busy Khun Anusaree is, she always allocate her time for her favorite hobbies such aslisten to music and read books. She  always stays as  an emthy glass to be ready for any  new knowledge and ideas  to always adapt to what’s going on in society. More importantly, it is not to be outdated being able to talk to anyone in every ages.

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