EVEANDBOY, from small cosmetic shop in E-San to the heart of Siam Square

EVEANDBOY, from small cosmetic shop in E-San to the heart of Siam Square

EVEANDBOY, from a son of grocery owner in Maha Sarakham to a shop owner in the heart of Siam Square.

EVEANDBOY is the cosmetic paradise for most of young women in Bangkok. For men, it is not that fun if their girlfriends ask to stop by EVEANDBOY while dating. Those men have admitted that once their girlfriends have decided to disappear into EVEANDBOY, only a few have made it quick to get out.

Ideas having made EVEANDBOY a powerful multi-brand cosmetic shop in girls’ world and a 11-years business with both stand-alone and shopping mall branches are from Mr. HIRAN TANMIT’s, the founder of EVEANDBOY, idea of “Think Small but Do Big”.

The start from small business

Mr. HIRAN TANMIT, Managing Director and the founder of EVEANDBOY, recalled the start of EVEANDBOY that he noticed the margin cosmetic higher than other products sold in grocery store.

“When I was studying Bachelor degree in Thammasat University, I started to notice from grocery business, the family business selling from consumer products to cosmetic, that some types of products’ margin were a lot lower than cosmetic, for example, 2-3% of margin from selling milk or two baht from ice cream per bar. When comparing to cosmetic, there were higher margin at 8-10%. It was also the same time as my sister finishing university. Therefore, we asked to have available family building to start the cosmetic shop called EVEANDBOY selling multi-brand cosmetic. We first had an idea from traveling abroad noticing the popularity of multi-brand cosmetic style shops in many countries in Europe and Asia; in Japan, Hong Kong or Korea. We thought it was the trend for new generation to purchase products in this kind of shop; no time wasted for BA consultation at brand counters in department stores. There will be self-service. Besides, EVEANDBOY is derived from my sister’s and my nicknames. I can say that making a deal with supplier delivering products to our family grocery was the start.”

Moving to the heart of Siam Square based on the idea of “We will do despite of no profit”

Not so long after opening the first branch in Maha Sarakham, Hiran came to study Master degree in Khon Kaen and started the second branch in Khon Kaen city located near government center with the reason of convenient travel from Maha Sarakham. Two years after that, he opened another branch located in front of Khon Kean University with the reason of good location; many university students as target group.

He has always started to look for new opportunities to locate EVEANDBOY.

“While studying at Thammasat University, I was used to wandering around Siam Square. I’ve seen it as a center for teenagers and young people who easily open to new things.  I’ve believed they will accept a shop like EVEANDBOY more than other places. That was why I chose Siam for the first branch in Bangkok. We went to ask for a rental from Chulalongkorn University, the land owner. It was the same time that 3 rooms in Siam Square Soi 1 were free. That was the beginning of EVEANDBOY in Siam Square in September, 2012.”

“At that time we told Chulalongkorn University “We will do despite of no profit”. It might be because I was in teen age ready to make a progress in life. They gave us 7 days to make a call for the rental at Siam Square Soi 1. We decided right away to give it a try and didn’t expect much as EVEANDBOY

Was very new to Bangkokers. Marketing in Bangkok was different compared to other provinces. We can have cars with advertisement boards attached driving around the small cities as the marketing. Unlike Bangkok, we cannot use this method.”

We first debuted using social media which is one growing medias. It is also the main media to make a contact with customers. We chose Woonsen who was in the very first group of movie stars using IG with the highest number of followers as a presenter. The more people came to know EVEANDBOY, the more followers we gained in Facebook and IG EVEANDBOY.

The strength of cheaper products

In smaller provinces, products sold in local shops are usually cheaper than ones sold in department stores because most shops are managed by the owners themselves with no fee for branch opening. They have created the strong point of products price cheaper than or equal to general market regardless of a few margin. Hiran said that it is low margin so payment with credit cards are not accepted. The familiarity with such pricing, the same business model of pricing at acceptable margin is used in EVEANDBOY.

Hiran said that the reason why brand owners let EVEANDBOY set the products price cheaper than market was from the first branch in Maha Sarakham where there are no departments stores and it is located distantly. The product brand owners admitted that there should be no effects to other partners from cheaper products at EVEANDBOY.

“Back to the time of Siam Square branch, EVEANDBOY started to have more potential in negotiation and communication with brand partners proposing international model and relating trend of this kind of shop in other countries. EVEANDBOY is like study case for brand owner to look for new opportunity. Brand owner is happy once some unsalable products from other shops can be sold here in EVEANDBOY.

80% of EVEANDBOY’s customers are women aged between 18-34 years old and more than half of 80% are between 18-24 years old. They are in new generation who love freedom in making a product choice and variety of store. Besides, EVEANDBOY has no effect on department stores with the reason of different group of customers and different forms of brand promotion support.

EVEANDBOY, from small cosmetic shop in E-San to the heart of Siam Square

Only brands themselves can answer whether products are fake or genuine.

There is always question of “Has EVEANDBOY sold fake products?”. EVEANDBOY’s policy is that products sold in shops must be genuine products distributed through only legal agents. For the imported products, they must be from only companies legally assigned from brand copyright owners.

EVEANDBOY will not step out and tell customers if all items sold in shops are genuine. They can check from products’ labels and customers with the familiar use of products will be able to tell the differences. In case of there is a complaint on fake items distributed in EVEANDBOY, coordination with product brand to call back a customer with an explanation is the method used. As well as the response to inquiries about aspects of products such as package design change, brand owners will be best in providing information. At first, there were a lot of mentions in this aspect. Once the solution was to provide the answers by brand owners themselves, there were clearly less or barely bad mentions. Besides, EVEANDBOY’s social team always check and immediately respond. If there are problems caused by real products, we are happy to make products change.

11 years of EVEANDBOY with no sales target set for marketing team keep growing.

It might be a little weird that shop like EVEANDBOY never set sales target for staff. This is a contrast to other cosmetic shops where sales staff have to build growing target. It is seen that the growth of EVEANDBOY is not only from sales staff but also from all staff in organization. Even though there are competitors, there will be no worries as the competition is to compete oneself and how to make better and more modern organization.

“Most cosmetic shops in Thailand come in the forms of drugstores which their products are different from EVEANDBOY. EVEANDBOY believes in big shop selling one kind of products to support all groups’ needs. All EVEANDBOY’ customers must get what they come for. One challenge for EVEANDBOY is to find large area to start a branch.

Obstacles are lesson to get through.

Hiran admitted that there have been obstacles, both small and big, every day for the last 11 years of EVEANDBOY. He is not afraid of obstacles and sees them as one lesson to get through.

“It might be because I was born in merchant family doing every process on my own little by little from being a cashier selling products, accountant, brochures maker to bag designer including Facebook and IG pages at the beginning. One time at EVEANDBOY, Khon Kean branch, there were no staff showing up for work except the manager and me. We both managed being both cashier and sales atsff and we got through it together.”

“The obstacles come along have made me see the problems clearly and be able to advise team how problems happen and how to handle them. Doing all process by myself have helped me create effective team and understand what staff have been through.”

Products in shops are what customers need and must be all time new.

“the make-up trend in women have been changed for the last 11 years. There was not much make-up popularity in women 11 years ago as women were not into eyebrow or eyeliner drawing except putting on powder. When I was in school, my girlfriends put on powder in cans, not even powder in cases. There were no lipsticks on their lips. As the time have changed, women have focused more on beauty. There are beauty blockers providing cosmetic knowledge and social medias used to show lifestyles. The cosmetic brands themselves have created more demands. For example, eyebrow pencils were hardly sold before. Now, they are the best selling products of many brands. Lipsticks was the same story as women were not to put on heavy shades of lipsticks; they only put on something like shine or water shine lipsticks with soft and sweet color and lip ice or lip gloss. Now, people want to show their make-up and are not embarrassed of putting on make-up as there are more fun in it.”

EVEANDBOY, from small cosmetic shop in E-San to the heart of Siam Square

EVEANDBOY, from small cosmetic shop in E-San to the heart of Siam Square

“Nowadays, customers are the center. Demand in products and trend are important in choosing more than 80,000-100,000 items to sell in EVEANDBOY where new products are focused. If products are not new, we will make rejection as it is a deception. However, it is something we cannot lie to customers as they can check from when the products are produced. This has been one of our policies since the first branch; besides being worth to money, products will be kept only one and a half or two months because of speedy distribution.

Multi-brand which is worth your money for new generations is always ready to grow together with customers.

“I have always studied the customers demand and trend. If there are something new, I would be the very first to introduce. The new EVEANDBOY branch opening at Siam Square One in March 1st will introduce new brands to serve older customers; it is to expand target group to people aged between 35-40 years old. This is the surprise of this branch opening. In addition, there are exclusive brand unavailable in other shops. This is the difference the customers are looking for.”

The money value phenomenon is surprisingly obvious when EVEANDBOY launched Discount Campaign” in shop. There were young women lining up before shop open waiting to get in and buy desired products without disgruntlement.”

“This big “Discount Campaign” is held annually for customers which EVEANDBOY barely receives any profit from this campaign. However, it has been mentioned in a wide area and by word of mouth and it is to return the profit to customers. The campaign management like this is obviously better than big event. Before we launch the campaign, we will have a long-plan preparation and discussion with the brand partners about privileges the customers will get, for example bestselling items sold at special prices.

At present, there are 8 branches including Bangkok and other provinces. A plan in 3-5 years from now, branches will be mainly in Bangkok. Hiran will manage every branch by himself; travelling to other provinces will be only for partners. Each EVEANDBOY ‘s branch will have clear character.

Hiran noticed that many Thai brands are very successful and Thai people themselves are not seeing Thai brands as low-quality products. Some brands selling products at the high price still attract customers and those brands’ owners are mostly at the young age. Social media is like a tool to help each brand to create their own medias opening their shops online without using money to invest.

Source: themarketeer.com 

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