Enjoy a splashing time and immerse yourself in Thai Mythology in Andamanda Phuket

Enjoy a splashing time and immerse yourself in Thai Mythology in Andamanda Phuket

PHOTO: The Great Andaman Bay, Andamanda Phuket

Looking for a destination to enjoy a splashing time in Phuket? The brand-new Andamanda Phuket Water Park, which is about 100,000 square meters, is undoubtedly the best place to go to. Among the many fun things you can enjoy in Andamanda Phuket is The Great Water Kingdom, a Thai heritage-themed waterpark that embraces the local Thai culture and mythology. It brings you the quest for hidden treasures from the Andaman Sea.

In addition to enjoying a full wet day out with family and friends, you will be taken on an ocean adventure that wanders into the legend of “The Lost Kingdom of the Nagon,” an uplifting folktale of struggle, friendship, and eventual victory set amidst the landscapes and seascapes of the Andaman coast. You’ll get to immerse yourself in this Thai mythology experience in the waterpark’s lovely zones. Each boasts a beautiful design evoking a folktale set and mascots inspired by the mythology.

1. The Pearl Palace

The best waterpark in Phuket: Andamanda Phuket

PHOTO: The Pearl Palace

The Pearl Place is the point of entry into the waterpark – the gate to the magnificent gem of the ocean where mystic legends are waiting for your discovery. As soon as you step into The Pearl Palace, you’ll be welcomed by The Great Nagon, the protector of the Great Andaman Bay in the mythology. Standing 9 metres tall, The Great Nagon features an exciting special lighting and effect show for entertainment. Aside from ticketing, you can buy Andamanda Phuket’s merchandise in Bazaar Retail, the main retail store of the park that spans over 400 square metres. Be sure to go to the Photo Booth so you can take some fun keepsakes home!

Furthermore, the Pearl Palace is where you’ll find 4 family changing rooms, 18 changing rooms, 65 shower rooms, as well as 38 toilets with designated toilets for kids and accessible toilets for people with physical disabilities. 1,100 lockers are also available to keep your belongings safe while you have a splashing day.

2. Coral World

Enjoy a splashing time and immerse yourself in Thai Mythology in Andamanda Phuket | News by Thaiger

PHOTO: Coral World

The first zone you’ll find after entering the gate of the waterpark is the 5,300 sqm Coral World. Featuring kid-friendly waterslides and pools that are exciting for both children and parents, it’s the perfect place for a fun family day. Here, you’ll meet Batik, the kind-hearted mascot of the zone. Batik is a cyan whale shark who can create a giant wave thanks to the Magic Silk and Marble on his headband.

The Coral World is home to a great selection of pools and slides. Your little ones will have a thrilling but safe experience in the Little Reef, which features pint-sized versions of Andamanada slides. Wonder Waterland, however, is perfect for everyone of all ages. You can play around with water nozzles, tipping buckets, and a few animal friends here. Need more water fun? Try the 8 slides and over 300 additional hands-on water fun in Atoll Adventures. You can also find everything from interactive water guns, nozzle faucets, and water buckets that unload 500 gallons of water every five minutes.

If you just want to chill out, the Rolling Ripples will be your favourite. With a total length of 550 metres, it’s Asia’s longest lazy river where you can just float on the steady stream amidst lush green foliage. Moreover, there are 18 Coral cabanas in the Coral World. These cabanas can hold up to 4 people each, perfect for relaxing when you get tired playing in the water. You can rent the cabanas for 2,000 Baht a day. Additionally, you’ll get two 16oz sodas and popcorn.

3. The Village

Enjoy a splashing time and immerse yourself in Thai Mythology in Andamanda Phuket | News by Thaiger

PHOTO: The Village

The courageous Chaiya is the mascot of The Village Restaurant. Named after the Chaiya district in Surat Thani, Chaiya is an adept fighter skilled in Muay Thai, Muay Chaiya, and kickboxing. He will help you recharge your energy when the stirring rides of the waterpark tire you out.

The Village is part of the Coral World, so families with kids can reach it very quickly. It has over 300 seats and specialises in local Thai, Italian, and American cuisines, as well as curries from all across the globe. Don’t miss out on the signature dishes of The Village: Pad Thai, Phuket Pizza, and Massaman Chicken. Each one are delicious and fulfilling, so you’ll be ready for more water fun. For a more memorable experience, try the Floating Market within The Village. Modelled after the famous floating markets in Bangkok, you will get to enjoy traditional Thai dishes.

4. The Great Andaman Bay

The best waterpark in Phuket: Andamanda Phuket

 PHOTO: The Great Andaman Bay waterpark

The Great Andaman Bay is home to Captain Samut and his amphibious hermit crab called Sarang. The powerful Captain Samut wants to attack Andaman Island to hunt for treasures, and everyone can join his quest in The Great Andaman Bay. Pretend you are one of Captain Samut’s crew by swimming in the 10,000-square metre artificial sea that generates waves up to 3 metres high, which is a record for Southeast Asia. To further immerse yourself in the mythology, don’t miss out on the adrenaline-pumping slides in this waterpark’s exciting zone. You can share a thrilling ride on a giant raft with your friends, experience near vertical drops, and many more.

Dreaming of sipping a frozen cocktail without leaving the pool? The Great Andaman Bay has the Wave Bar, an acrylic swim up pool bar offering delicious cocktails. The bar has 10 must-try signature cocktails. The High Tide cocktail is the perfect refreshing drink, while those who want to live like Captain Samut should try the Pirates Dream. Prefer to kick back and relax? The artificial beach is lined with sun-loungers, perfect for lazing around and working on your tan while admiring the beautiful near-life-size replica of Koh Tapu (James Bond Island).

There are also 14 wave cabanas, which you can rent for 2,000 Baht per day. Coming to the waterpark with a big group or family? Why not relax together in the 5 water villas. Each villa can accommodate up to 10 people. And for 8,000 Baht, you can rent the villa and get a snack platter, as well as a mini bar fridge with s great selection of soda. Overall, The Great Andaman Bay promises a fun and safe day out for all ages.

5. Naga Jungle

The best waterpark in Phuket: Andamanda Phuket

PHOTO: Naga Jungle waterpark

The Naga Jungle is the place to go for some adrenaline rush! Meet the cute orange mascot called Little Nagon, who will help you explore the Naga Jungle and experience the story. Litter Nagon invites thrill-seekers to get their adrenaline pumping in the Sun Tower and Moon Tower. In the Sun Tower, you can try to out-race the dragons and their friends by sliding down head first in Racing Naga Water Slieds. Not thrilling enough for you? Go to the Moon Tower and step into an enclosed capsule of Cobra Curls high in the sky and freefall through Dragon’s Drop enclosed capsule. Moreover, you can try to defy gravity in Garuda Soars. Lie on your back and enjoy the flight of the speed-slide action!

After you spend an exciting time exploring the waterpark, why not enjoy a beach day barbeque at the Tropical Beach Restaurant within the zone? You can sample everything from Thai-style grilled seafood to American-style ribs to surf and turf.

6. Emerald Forest

Enjoy a splashing time and immerse yourself in Thai Mythology in Andamanda Phuket | News by Thaiger

PHOTO: Emerald Forest

Whoever says that waterparks are only fun for families and kids definitely has never visited Andamanda Phuket. The Emerald Forest is a place for those who love to party. Grab a cocktail at the one-of-a-kind  acrylic swim-up pool bar and enjoy the music. When you just want to relax, get your favourite cocktail from the Sand Bar and lie around on the White Sand Beach with your friends. The Sand Bar and Pool Bar has 10 signature cocktails, such as the Gin Naree, Pandaway, and Tamarind Julip.

Want to pump your adrenaline? There are plenty of opportunities to do so in the Emerald Forest. Here lives the beautiful kinnaree called Nora, the mascot and guardian spirit of the forest. Join Nora in the Flight of Kinnarees. Here, you’ll freefall down one of the two slides and drop into a 3.1-metre pool of water. It sure feels like flying!

To fully engross yourself in the mythology, trek to the top of Kinnaree’s temple and experience the up and down thrills of Angel’s Slides. You’ll drop from 6 metres and then race through a series of twists, turns, dips, and tunnels. With a total lenght of 550 metres, Angel’s Slides is also the longest waterslide in Thailand.

If freefalling from significant heights is not your thing, why not grab a bodyboard and surf ocean-like waves in the FlowRider? When you need a break from all the action-packed rides, you can slow down in the Emerald Pool. And what better way to relax than to laze around in comfy cabanas and munch on some fresh fruit? The Emerald Forest has 5 cabanas. You can rent the cabana for 2,500 Baht and include two 16oz sodas and a platter of seasonal fresh fruit. There are also 6 VIP seating by the Emerald Pool, available for rent for 1,200 Baht and include 2 popcorns.

Whether you’re seeking some adrenaline rush, looking for a destination where your kids can have fun, or just want to cool off and enjoy some cocktails with friends, there’s no better place to go than Andamandan Phuket for a splashing holiday. Go get your ticket from their website HERE. Have fun!

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