English Parks Language School

English Parks Language School

English Parks Language School

English Parks; established by Thai founder, has been quality certified by Ministry of Education. Key purpose of the school is to provide a quality English class to learners with reasonable tuition fee, and the most important objective is to ensure that learners must be able to properly use their English skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, in their daily life.
English Parks Language SchoolTo guarantee class quality, English Parks has been operated by Thai tutors who is highly qualified by the experience, education and teaching qualifications. Most tutors were graduated from renown university such as  University of Oxford and University of Illinois. Our tutors are also understand difficulties Thai learners have to encounter when learning English so their teaching techniques were created in order to lessen those barriers and to accommodate learners, to best comprehend their skills and knowledge.

At English Parks, we are not only providing theories and knowledge, but we also trying to solve learners’ problems- that Thai students had been learning English for 12-15 years but still unable to communicate or use English properly.

To start the lesson with English Parks, each learner will be provided test to measure their language competence so that the school can be customization the lesson plan for each individual to ensure that it fits the learner’s skill level. Besides, we understand that each learner has different expectation so we offer ‘Unlimited English’ that combines several lessons into a learning package such as basic communicative English, English for Work, as well as advance English for higher study or to participate in scholarship grant.

For  more information, please visit http://englishparks.in.th

English Parks Language School

เครดิต: englishparks.in.th

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