EF: Education First – An open door to a new world

EF: Education First – An open door to a new world

EF: Education First – An open door to a new world
Our Mission – An open door to a new world

EF has provided life-changing education for everyone. Throughout past 50 years, our mission is to build the confidence and freedom for people of all ages, all races and all backgrounds.

EF has opened a world of possibilities. With the desire to let everyone determine their own path with courage.

Our Curriculum – What we do

We have appropriate course combines language training and cultural exchange with both academic achievements and a passive knowledge of tourism, which will turn your dream to a global opportunity.

EF: Education First – An open door to a new world

English First is one of 16 business units that work under the global umbrella of Education First, often referred to simply as EF. Our focus is local English language training courses. The goal is the same at all of our schools: providing excellent teaching in an immersive environment. If you work for English First, you’ll be teaching people who live just down the street…giving you a unique chance to bring them an international experience just outside their door. English First focuses on offering the best language journey for both kids and adults. Our lessons take place inside real classrooms with amazing teacher resources. You’ll have a variety of classes including face-to-face small lessons, large workshops and Life Clubs, English First’s very own course that encourages students to apply their language learning skills in a social environment. Learn about English First and expereince new world with us!

Emporium 25th Floor,
622 Sukhumvit Road, Khlongtun
Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
+66 2 017 8400

Credit: ef.co.th

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