DJ Nakadia’s ready to rock Bangkok

DJ Nakadia’s ready to rock Bangkok

Thai DJ Nakadia will return to Bangkok with her Berlin-inspired “Black Cat: Bangkok Meets Berlin” party at V12 by Onyx, Royal City Avenue, on Friday at 9pm.

The venue will be transformed into a Berlin-style techno club where everyone will dive into the music, forget the world outside, leave the problems of life behind for a few hours and enjoy what is said to be more than just electronic music.

This is Nakadia’s first visit in many years and she will use her musical abilities as a world-famous artist touring the globe to turn every room into a wild party zone.

Nakadia has carried her unstoppable energy since childhood while growing up as an Isan farmer’s daughter. She discovered her passion to be a DJ on her first night out during her first trip to Europe where she was exposed to techno music 20 years ago.

She devoted herself to finding the perfect sonic fuse and, in 2003, she moved to Koh Samui where her gigs launched her international career. She pioneered the rise of the underground in Thailand and decided to move to Berlin in 2010 as her constantly-full tour schedule made it impossible to keep working out of her home country.

By the end of this year she had over 1,800 performances across 78 countries, having played sold-out venues across Latin America, the US, Europe and Asia. With a tour schedule fully booked for six months in advance, Nakadia has become one of the world’s most successful female techno DJs from Asia.

Tickets cost 450 baht and can be purchased from Dress code is black, shiny, nets, chains and fantasy.

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