Digestive System Reset: Restart Your Digestive Tract After Indulging

Digestive System Reset: Restart Your Digestive Tract After Indulging

Digestive System Reset: Restart Your Digestive Tract After Indulging

Whether it is the holidays, a special occasion, or you had a fun weekend with friends, it is easy to overindulge on food, drink, or both. However, the ramifications of overindulging are not fun, especially on your digestive system. Long term, it usually results in weight gain, but there are also short-term results.

It can lead to bloating, constipation, excess gas, and stomach pain. It also often results in lower energy levels and increased sluggishness. If you are considering supplements to reduce gas, you may also want to try a cleanse to restart your digestive tract and heal your gut.

Polisorb for Upset Stomach Relief

One product that helps with acute stomach and digestive issues is Polisorb. This is a digestive system tract cleanse that helps relieve occasional stomach discomfort within minutes. Its active ingredient is silicon dioxide, which is a natural ingredient that binds to harmful chemicals and toxins in the digestive tract and removes them from the body. It is not absorbed by the body, nor does it remove any vitamins, minerals, or beneficial bacteria.

Unlike some cleanses, which may take hours or days to get results, Polisorb delivers relief as soon as 15 minutes after taking it. It can be taken every once in a while when you have gas and bloating, or you can take it every month as part of a regular cleanse to keep your digestion in good working order.

Ways to Avoid Overindulging and upsetting your Digestive System

The best way to avoid uncomfortable digestive system issues is to avoid overindulging. However, that can be easier said than done. Fortunately, there are some tactics you can try to help cut down on eating and drinking too much.

1. Do not starve yourself ahead of time

Many people make the mistake of not eating or eating very little before going to a party or out to a nice dinner. However, this just makes you very hungry, which results in overeating. Having some food in your stomach will help you make better choices and eat smaller quantities.

2. Pace alcohol intake

Alcohol is a common addition to many celebrations and events. While it is fine to partake, it is important to pace yourself. Along with contributing to overindulging, alcohol suppresses your judgment levels, which often results in you eating and drinking more than you normally would. Try alternating an alcohol beverage with a non-alcoholic one, preferably water.

3. Watch your portions

Do not deprive yourself of any food if you want it, but just take smaller portions. If you have the option, choose a smaller plate, which tricks your mind into thinking you are eating more than you are.

4. Work out before the event

There are numerous benefits of exercising before a party. It increases the endorphins and improves your mindset. If you do more intense cardio, this also helps to suppress your appetite for a while after the work out. It also burns calories so you do not feel as guilty if you do happen to eat too much.

Even with the best planning, overindulging does happen. To help relieve discomfort, there are a number of detox products that can quickly get rid of the chemicals and toxins that are causing multiple digestive symptoms.

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