Covid-19 restrictions eased: domestic flights can fly full

Covid-19 restrictions eased: domestic flights can fly full

FILE PHOTO: Covid-19 restrictions have been eased to allow full flights.

The Ministry of Public Health says domestic airlines will have their capacity limits lifted and be allowed to fly full planes after the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration agreed to remove the limit. Until this new Covid-19 decree, flights were limited to 75% maximum capacity.

The director for emergency health hazards and diseases warned that the easing of capacities does not mean that strict Covid-19 health and safety measures will be relaxed at all. Food and beverages will still not be served on flights that must remain well-ventilated to avoid the spread of Covid-19. And during boarding and disembarking procedures will still require social distancing.

Passengers must still be fully vaccinated or have a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours before boarding and will still face Covid-19 testing at the airport. And of course, officials strongly request that anyone feeling sick avoid travelling at all.

Health officials urge flights still continue the use of antigen test kits, social distancing, and other Covid-19 safety regulations to prevent new outbreaks of the virus.

The easing comes as an International Air Transport Association survey reported that travellers are weary of all the restrictions. 4,700 people were polled in 11 markets, and 67% believed that international borders should be opened now, a jump of 12% from the previous survey 4 months ago.

64% says border closures have not been effective in controlling Covid-19 so are unnecessary, up 11% from the previous poll. Up 6% from the June survey, 73% say Covid-19 flight and travel restrictions have decreased their quality of life.

IATA’s director-general said that people are fed up with Covid-19 restrictions and missing business and personal opportunities, as well as family moments, as travel is stymied by pandemic regulations intended to curb the global spread of the virus.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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