Cosmo Moves Toward Medical Supplies

With the expertise and high precision clock making tools. Cosmo Group Expands business line to “Cosmo Med Tech” Focuses on medical materials. 

With the expertise and high precision clock making tools. Cosmo Group Expands Open Line of “Cosmo Med Tech” Focuses on Medical Materials from Research Pilot technology transfer to the upper arm bone. Thai research results into real benefits.

“Cosmo and its affiliates produce watches for more than 53 international brands, until their sons have the opportunity to work at the National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC) and talk to engineers- taking care of the project “Bone of the prosthetic arm for bone cancer patients” sees the opportunity to join in terms of prototype production, “said May Maha Damrongkul, vice president of cosmometech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Cosmo Group.

Technology Thai people can access

The prosthetics portion of the upper arm is a medical device that can not be withdrawn from the NHS. Most of them are expensive because they are imported from abroad. Prices start from 1.50 to 4.0 hundred thousand, so sad to say that many patients have no accessibility to this material.

“We are equipped with machines and skilled workers with high precision machinery which is essential to the manufacture of medical devices. And it’s a great opportunity for our market market as the world trend concern more about health. If we can produce medical arts locally and at low cost, It will benefit patients a lot, “said May.

Cosmetehtel has invested in areas of clean rooms. The standard has increased in the area of the existing clock factory and is currently applying for a license to produce commercial upper arm bone from MIT, also to apply for all necessary standards, including less than expected production and distribution in the end of 2017.

“While the creation of innovation accounts for the disbursement of core funds in the country. This will be most beneficial to patients who have bone cancer. At the same time, it comes with reasonable price which enable the company to continue producing further. “

Cosmetextec is also planning to continue researching and commercializing biomedical medical research. There are 2 ongoing projects, including artificial lenses with Metta Pracharat Hospital (Wat Rai Khing). ) and artificial hip Research from the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital.

Thai doctors have the potential to do research and develop medical materials- that is specific to the Thai people at a reasonable price. At the same time, it meets the needs of doctors, also it provides people better accessibility to health services. More importantly, knowing that Thailand can produce medicals parts with friendly price, price of those parts imported from foreign countries may be reduced, and that, again, brings more benefit to patients.

Thai medical materials

“Upper Bones and Arms of the Upper Arm” Research and Development under the Bone Metals Replacement Project by Piyasaket Sae MD, Orthopedic Specialist Lerdsin Hospital And orthopedic surgeons Dept. of Oncology, Bone and Tissue The Royal College of Orthopedic Technologists of Thailand Together with M Tech, currently in the waiting period after the actual test.

Cosmeteatec is interested in producing such devices. It offers co-production according to the specification that the research team needs. It takes about 1 year to be able to mold prototype equipment. “Upper arms and upper arms” that can be produced for upper canine upper limb cancer patients.

Mr. Kris Kraip Liberty Chief Medical Device Laboratory The MTEC Biomedical Engineering Unit said that the upper arm bone materials contain both cobalamin and Alkaloids, and that the core of the device connects to the bone of the patient. Bone cancer is made of titanium material- It is strong, durable light and no resistance.

Currently, clinical trials have been conducted in 10 bone cancer patients in three hospitals under the supervision of the three Ethics Research Committees in Human Genetics for a period of time. And the treatment is satisfactory. No complications found, no infection or the problem of falling out of the pieces in any way. The satisfaction of the physician and the patient.

Meet Thailand 4.0

“This innovation is best suited for primary care patients,” said Dr. Winan Naranatanakul, a medical device laboratory researcher. The bone is found on the arm above the elbow. This is very common among children and young people. If detected, it can be treated before spreading to various parts. Of the body Will use the method of replacing the “upper arms and upper arms” to replace the arm bone cancer. Which cuts out the cancerous bone.

This method will help patients stay longer. Reduce death In particular, children who have a chance to perform upper and lower limb surgeries. Then healed and grown up as a working-age adult, not a burden on society. Even if it does not move 100%, it still has a movable arm. And can return to school, have a career and a good quality of life.

In the field of research Considered a cumulative knowledge of medical materials. Especially for making artificial parts for the human body. If this piece of work is satisfactory. In the future, when there is more knowledge. It can make other parts, such as knees, hips are more difficult to another level. The consumption of patients will increase. Patients have the opportunity to use it at an accessible price.

This research can be really useful, reducing dependency on foreign technology. Strengthen the health care industry sustainability. Thailand is responding to 4.0, especially the medical industry, which is one of the 10 New S-Curve industries to increase the competitiveness of the country.


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