Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

From university’s research turns to be exported goods in a foreign market.

“Cooling Mist” is a product containing ideas and research result of Ph.D. student Limpitheep Polimpitheep (Pee), Kongkiat Sukhumkumpun (Kong) and Jarawee Boonsiri, and it is not a product that just simply cool down the heat from hot weather but it is exported to equatorial countries  which have hot climate like Thailand.

Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

From His Grandfather’s Local Herbs

Because of Mosquitos’ bite and scratches, Pee’s grandfather uses his wisdom by bringing local herbs such as mint pounding in the mortar grinder and wrapping in the straining cloth.

Result: the smell of local herbs repels mosquitos and no scratches from mosquitos’ bites on his legs. The unexpected result, furthermore, is the coolness from local herbs wrapped in the straining cloth.

Good memories build on new ideas

The cold in his childhood is revived when Mr. Pee, as a Doctoral student in Technopreneurship and Innovation Management at Chulalongkorn University, needs to do research to as a part of the program and requirement.

Is it possible to extend the cooling time of your grandfather’s local herbs?

Question that must be answered

From Question: the extension of cooling time is to using Cellulose.

Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

What is Cellulose?  The substances in all plants and vegetables which are photosynthesized, have fibers,  are capable of keeping cellulose in Nano level  and are mixed with local herbs until they turn into transparent spray.

Grandfather’s straining cloth is replaced by cellulose, but the straining cloth sometimes is invisible and can keep the cold for up to 2 hours

It takes the whole year to develop the cooling mist to keep coldness for 2 hours. It is not an easy task.

Food and Drug Administration refuses to register the product.

“When I brought my product to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), he said that my product did not enhance beauty or cure any diseases. Refusing to register my product did not mean that it did not meet the FDA’s standard but it only did not meet any product criteria set by FDA”

Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

Cooling Mist is now categorized as general merchandise.

Export to a hot climate countries.

Singapore, China, Malaysia and Laos, including countries as planned to export in the future such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

However, the majority of sales (85%) are in Thailand 

The northern part is the best-selling location.

  • Over 45% of sales in Thailand come from customers residing in northern part in particular.
  • Cooling mist becomes souvenirs in auspicious ceremonies such as Buddhist ordination ceremony or outdoor wedding ceremony. Customers say that they used to buy for themselves for private use but they are now buying to give to guests attending those ceremonies.

Cooling Mist, a Portable coldness!

Cooling mist is suitable for hot country like Thailand. Feel like having air-conditioned at your skin for 1 hour when you spray it and it will not bring stickiness. Cooling mist can be sprayed on any part of your body except face. Moreover, it does not leave any strains on your clothes, protect your from mosquitos and itching and get rid of both undesirable smell and bacteria. The scent comes from natural local herbs which do not disturb your daily perfume. 

One of the Siam Innovation City Project

100,000 bottles sold

Exported to foreign markets after launching just 5-6 months!


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