‘Coliseum Delight’ a shared art experience

‘Coliseum Delight’ a shared art experience

Ancient painting techniques on canvas figure prominently towards creating a state of abstraction in “Coliseum Delight”, on view at Number 1 Gallery until Feb 4.

This is the first solo exhibition by Krisanapon Piapaiboon, a graduate from Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, who invites viewers to relate their personal experiences with the story presented in the show and make an interpretation based on their own perspectives.

The artist developed a specific technique to portray coldness and sadness in his work in order to remind viewers of their shared experiences. The approach is based on a combination of many ancient painting techniques including glazing, impasto, alla prima and sanding.

His paintings are presented in a controlled manner similar to the way plays at the Globe Theatre in London were directed by William Shakespeare. A special light technique was also employed to make the paintings look peculiar. The artist compares a canvas to a theatre where all the elements can be independently managed.

He has chosen to portray the state of abstraction in his works to encourage viewers to ponder death and see the value of life.

As he sees it, this will lead viewers to question their lives and their own feelings towards natural truths that no one can avoid.

Number 1 Gallery is on Silom 21 and open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Visit number1gallery.com or call 02-630-2523.

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