Chinese invades Thailand’s through education 

Chulalongkorn Uni’s Teacher affirms China’s conquer plan via education, it encourages Chinese students to study in Thailand, if student can find a job after graduated they will not require to pay back scholarship. They expect student to be able to understand Thai’s way of thinking, custom and culture. The number of Chinese student is increasing, Thai government bodies such as Office of Higher Education Commission and The Ministry of Education should really get into this seriously. They even bought private uni and hire Thai teachers to teach their Chinese students, the future who knows!

Sompong Jitradarp, Edu Portal, Chula Uni, has reaffirmed “Number of Chinese students in Thai University is increasing remarkably, they study in various subjects for 5-6 years, I have interviewed Chinese students and found out Chinese Government’s strategies to get these students to understand Thai’s way of thinking, custom, culture and tastes, if student can find a job after graduated they will not require to pay back scholarship. Chinese students are able to speak, and write Thai language perfectly, and they get employed progressively.”

Sompong Jitradarp added “The acquisition of private uni can be seen in two aspects, one is good because it is a joint investment between Thailand and China, but if you look at the other side, by producing Chinese graduates with knowledge of Thai’s ways, it may affect our country in one way or another. Thai government bodies should realize and see through their plans and be able to balance between education and investment. Chinese grad may get employed rather than Thai grad as they are always stick with Social media, lazy and cannot speak English, on the other hand, Thai Unis still do not improve their quality.”


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