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Chiang Mai International School offers educational opportunities for students from pre-school to grade 12. We provide instruction that is closely aligned to an American standards-based curriculum, that also builds upon the diversity of our international students and teachers by best practices from around the world. Our highly-qualified teachers provide differentiated instruction that is research-based and engaging. CMIS provides academically rigorous courses in all grades and our Advanced Placement (AP) courses help to prepare our graduates for admission to outstanding universities and colleges around the world.

The school year is divided into two semesters. The first semester is from mid-August to December and the second from January to early June. There are 180 instructional days, with a week-long break in October and extended vacations during late December and early April. School begins each morning at 7:40 AM and ends at 2:40 PM.

For over sixty years, Chiang Mai International School has provided a uniquely challenging, caring, and supportive environment that nurtures the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual growth of our students.

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