Change in criterion of the 5th ODOS scholar

Panadda” advised to make a change in criterion of the 5th ODOS; the scholar must be student from the area.

Change in criterion of the 5th ODOS scholar

Mom Luang Panadda Diskul, Deputy Minister at Ministry of Education recently revealed that he was in the meeting with Dr.Chaipreuk Seereerak, Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Education to go over the report and follow up Ministry of Education’s work. His preference was to continue One District One Scholarship or ODOS project which was derailed after the 4th batch. However, the previous bachelor degree scholarship abroad was not successful because of the ineffective preparedness of the scholars. Some of them chose the non-English countries resulting in new language learning struggle. Therefore, they didn’t graduate and some of them required to return home. This issue didn’t follow the aims set which required the scholars to come back with skills to help the country development.

So that, the scholar selection will be for student in the area. As for some people who have already gone to study somewhere else and come back to claim for the right should not be allowed. Besides, the money for this scholarship is government fund. Therefore, in his personal opinion, it should be called King’s Scholarship to create a pride for the student. He wanted the improvement in this project and the start of the 5th batch in 2017.

Dr.Chaipreuk said that Mom Luang Panadda offered an idea to develop more suitable ODOS project. He assigned the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education to study the detail of new project operation including target group. The scholar selection will be distributed especially to vocational students. The previous examination, which was the same as general education causing only 1% chance to receive the scholarship for vocational students, will be changed. Moreover, the study area and the country will be determined to ensure the country’s benefits. The ministry work will also include the change in detail of selection procedure and the name.

Furthermore, the One District One Scholarship project has already completed 4 batches since 2004 with the 1,244 scholars in the list.


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