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5586-kongpetch-santisuphaporn-jpg_reAs we launch the Siam Scope Online Magazine, we would like to introduce an alternative medication which is capturing the attention of many people who want to live a healthy life. And in so doing, this gave us the opportunity to interview Mr. Kongpetch Santisuphaporn, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Japan and a Master’s degree in Finance from the UK., and is the owner of Meviz Clinic in Bangkok, where qualified professional doctors have been administering detoxification, anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments to over 100 patients since opening its doors in August 2015.

At the young age of only 29, Kongpetch decided to open Meviz Clinic after seeing his own family members suffer from various illnesses such as cancer, diabetics and heart disease with the desire to improve their wellbeing. In fact, that was how he came upon the alternative treatment of cell therapy, which is one of the many treatments administered at the clinic.  Cell Therapy by Meviz Clinic ~ Cell Heals CellHe was so surprised with the outcome that his family members experienced from cell therapy that he has become a true advocate of the treatment which generally helps to rejuvenate deteriorating organ cells through the cell-heals-cell technology.

What is cell therapy? Does this sound familiar to you?

How can this therapy help one to live a long, healthy life? Human bodies develop from cells and create organs. When we get older our cells will gradually lose their functionality, thus meaning that diseases and abnormalities can easily occur. Most of us use medication to cure diseases, but up to a certain degree the medical treatment will no longer have a positive effect on our bodies and may not improve our wellbeing.

That is where cell therapy comes in as an alternative. It was developed by Dr. Paul Niehans, a Swiss doctor, in 1911. Since then several European countries have turned their focus, studies and research to cell therapy health care systems, by extracting fresh cells from many animal species such as cattle, sheep, horses, and pigs. The peptides, including growth factor, hormones, enzyme, mineral and vitamins, are extracted and through biotechnology, the defective cells are replaced with aforementioned which will encourage the treatment and rehabilitation of defective cells to promote good health, restore strength and rejuvenate deteriorating cells.Cell Therapy by Meviz Clinic ~ Cell Heals Cell

Scientifically, our bodies start degenerating between the ages of 25 and 30. The body begins degenerating cells on the inside and out, and other environmental factors such as stress, inappropriate diet, lack of exercise also quickens this degeneration process.

The result of cell therapy normally depends on the patient’s health condition. There are certain people who get treated and show no results, as is the case with other medical treatments. If you receive this treatment and the cells are beyond degeneration or you have a serious medical condition, the results may not be as one would desire. The best solution is to start implementing cell therapy in the early stages of any illness to achieve the best possible results.

Would you consider getting treated in Asia? Where is a good place to go?

Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the first choices to add to your list for medical services as the cost of any health-related treatment in Thailand is much lower than in the West and even in other Asian countries. In fact, Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Asia for medical tourism. Each year more than a million international patients travel to Thailand for medical treatments.Cell Therapy by Meviz Clinic ~ Cell Heals Cell

As for cell therapy, look no further than Meviz Clinic which is located in the heart of Bangkok. The clinic offers you a world-class and internationally-accredited medical facility with state-of-the art equipment, highly trained and experienced doctors, nurses and technical staff. While Meviz Clinic prides itself as a leading anti-aging and rejuvenating centre, it also offers detoxification, Intravenous Nutrition, Cell Therapy and Growth Factor treatments to prevent the deterioration of body/organ cells so patients can enjoy an improved quality of life.

All the treatments at Meviz Clinic are not as complicated or costly as you might think, and it is definitely worth considering as an alternative option to improving your wellbeing and lowering your risk from many dangerous diseases such as cancer, strokes, diabetes, etc. while in Bangkok.

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