Celebrated Azeri film to screen at Chula

Celebrated Azeri film to screen at Chula

“Chula World Film Series 2023” is screening Down The River at Dr Tiam Chokwadhana Auditorium at the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Phaya Thai Road, on Feb 21 at 5.30pm.

This is a simple but thought-provoking domestic, moral, sports and psychological drama. It is the debut movie of a talented filmmaker from a country that is creating waves on the international festival circuit.

Azerbaijani director Asif Rustamov spent more than four years writing the script. The story centres around Ali, the coach of a young rowing team in a small town. The team includes his son Ruslan who finds he can’t match his father’s strict standards and can’t connect with him.

That’s because Ali is going through a mid-life crisis, where he wants to leave his wife Leyla, and start a new life with his Polish girlfriend Sasha.

When an important race comes up, Ali removes his son from the team and opts for another student, which upsets his son very much. Soon after this, a tragedy occurs, which shakes Ali totally. The river, which was his refuge, now becomes his atonement.

The riveting performance of the protagonist, a stage actor of repute, is the highlight of a deep and moving domestic drama. The soothing, stunning visuals of the river serve as a balm against the turbulence of the characters.

The film created waves at many festivals around the world, from Europe to the US, China and India.

The movie comes with English subtitles and there will be a Zoom question and answer session with the director after the screening. There is no admission fee but reservations are required.

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