Carthusia Perfume

Carthusia Perfume

Perfume is one of the personal items which being used in everyday life especially for new generation.  Not only clothing and hairstyle that need to be on point but also body odor that is why perfume plays an important role. People are into Natural Living or Organic Lifestyle as the upper class, products such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, food, bags, clothing, travelling, and also perfume need to be made of herbs, fruits, and flowers.

We are now talking about perfume extracted from natural fragrance since the old days such as herbs, lemongrass, lemon, and orange. Long ago, Lemon was extracted to make perfume fragrance, according to scientific principle Citrus or Citromnella is acid-based which can deodorise sweat for hours and also mosquitoes and insects repellent, moreover it help to relax.

Olfactory family; Citrus gives Light feeling  from lemon and green tea, it is the favourite perfume for hollywood celebrity; George Clooney, it suits working men, it makes you feel elegant, charming and its fragrance can last.

The other one is Corallium / Olfactory family; Wood which inspired from deep blue sea and sand waves, it consists of wood fragrance , aromatic herbs, flowers, and fruits. It gives deep scent, cool breeze, strength from wood bark. Also, Sandalwood gives peace feeling which suits both lady and gentleman.

Try the product out at Skin Lab; M Floor at Siam Discovery, The Selected; 1st Floor Siam Center, and Atelier; G Floor The Emporium.

Credit: Siam Scope Magazine 

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