YOU can voice your opinion on Thailand in PR online survey

YOU can voice your opinion on Thailand in PR online survey

PHOTO: Survey invites foreigners to voice their opinion on Thailand (via Thematic)

If you ever wanted a chance for your voice to be heard about Thailand – and judging from our comments section, a lot of you really, really do – now is your chance! Simple click here and fill out the impressively-catchy named survey “Foreigners’ Awareness, Confidence in Important Government Policies, and Perceived Image of Thailand.”

The thoroughly titled survey was put together by the PR department of the Thai government in order the gather the opinions and ideas of foreigners about a variety of topics concerning Thailand today. Don’t get too excited though: the questionnaire is only multiple choice and on topics that the government decided are important to Thailand and Thai tourism.

There are no write-in answers where foreigners, tourists, or expats can rant and ramble about their particular pet peeves in the Kingdom.

Still, as the long title might imply, the government is hoping to see how effective its public relations campaigns are in influencing people’s opinions of Thailand and government policies. The link was launched on the PR Thai Government Facebook page today, inviting people to click and fill out a questionnaire that they estimate takes about 15 minutes to finish.

The questionnaire about Thailand claims that all responses are completely confidential, though it does seem to require an email address to submit the survey.

A lot of the survey focuses on what channels are effective for the government of Thailand to communicate with foreigners, asking questions about where and how often you see information from the PR department on sources like YouTube, Facebook, websites, radio, and television.

Later in the survey, it does question those who fill out the questionnaire on their feelings about how timely and accurate information they receive from the government is, and whether the information is thorough and impartial. There are also several questions to gauge how foreigners feel about different aspects of Thailand.

They asked if Thailand’s public health could be raised to a world-class level if Thai culture could be spread on a global scale and if those surveyed considered Thailand a developed economy with a good standard of living and a good welfare support system for all. Several questions were asked about technology and industrialization in the country and whether Thailand is well-developed.

One question asked specifically if Thailand is a country that promotes democracy. Another asked if there’s a free market that promotes fair competition.

Finally, they asked a few questions directly about the people of Thailand and living in the country. They asked whether Thai people are hardworking and trustworthy, as well as questions about the landscape and natural resources of the kingdom.

The last few questions were more feel-good questions about whether those who responded to the survey feel like Thailand is a special country with which they feel connected.

SOURCE: Hua Hin Today

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