Bromsgrove International School, Thailand

Bromsgrove International School Thailand provides a high quality education based on the traditions and values of Bromsgrove School in the UK, a school with a history of over 500 years. With one foot firmly in this prestigious past, we are also proud to step boldly into the future as we embrace best educational practice worldwide – but always with a ‘British’ heart.

Bromsgrove is aiming to personalise its learning and teaching to such an extent that every individual student, every day and in every lesson, genuinely feels like the entire learning experience has been designed specifically for them. Bromsgrove’s use of student data measuring not only a child’s attainment, like most schools, but also their aptitude and the attitudes that underpin it all. Despite the low level of English with which some students join the school, the cognitive ability and academic potential of its students places them among some of the most able in Asia. In an anonymous, large, teacher-centred classroom, this potential can so easily go untapped; in Bromsgrove’s personalized, small, student-centred classes, students can genuinely realise their true potential, every single day.

Following the best of British traditions, we offer a personalised and challenging programme of study, based upon the National Curriculum for England, whilst incorporating the flexibility to effectively respond to global change. Our students ultimately take the University of Cambridge IGCSEs, AS and A level examinations which open doors to universities worldwide.

Bromsgrove International School Thailand is a private school, and is a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT), Boarding Schools Association (BSA), the Council of International Schools (CIS), Thailand International Schools Athletics Conference (TISAC) and the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA). The school is an accredited Examination Centre by the University of Cambridge, Edexcel and AQA examinations boards.

The school offers the best of British Boarding in Thailand, with facilities second to none for students 9-18 years old. Our extensive boarding programme gives our students more than just a place to live while they are away from home; and provides our students more than just a chance to spend additional time on their studies. It also inspires and encourages them to grow by presenting them with opportunities to grasp interests to pursue which will, in time, transform them into mature, confident and respectable adults who are prepared for the future.


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