The best shampoo for hair fall in 2019

Hello everyone ! ready ? here I am back to my regular blog post on Siam Scope Magazine.. today I m going to introduce you to … I’ll give it a little nick name ” The Best Falless Hair Shampoo Prevention in 2019 ! The best shampoo for hair fall in 2019

Aww sounds yummy.  The smell of this shampoo is SO Refreshing ..with these Herbal Lime Kariff , Bergamot Smell vibes 🙂 I just love the smell , it smells SO GOOD !!

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Can you believe that it feels like a spa time ! Can’t deny  our age seemingly increased each day goes by !.. it seems like non stop ! and so our also getting old kidding !

Yes I am approaching 35 and I start to notice that when ever I washed my hair and right just after I massaged my hair with conditioner or with hair mask as our girl hair treatment routine ..while trying to manages the hair  and massaging it , The Hair starts falling off leaving on your finger, you literally sees it every where on your finger and then you’ll see it on the floor and looking more down it  is blogging the drain way in your shower room..Hec ! Something got to give have to do something with this issue right ?

I have been try and try many branded shampoo, non of them seems to work and especially the one seems easily available in the market. Well I’ve tried them all I believed and My hair doesn’t seem to respond well to any of the product out there.

I give it a go with this BSC brand shampoo 2 years ago cuz I like the smell at first.. However the result is marvellous! My hair seems healthier and stronger while I am as if being therapy in the bathroom with this heavenly shampoo smell.. My hair which normally would comes out with my hands a lot ,like ALOT … reduced !!  Since then I am stucked to it !!

Available on Amazon Online Store here : Click BSC Lime Kariff Falless HairThe best shampoo for hair fall in 2019

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