Bangkok shopping centres: stay calm, we’re mostly safe

Bangkok shopping centres: stay calm, we’re mostly safe

Photo via datayoung from Pixabay.

Earlier this week, there was a minor kerfuffle when 3 shopping centres in Bangkok publicly denied they were the source of a Covid outbreak. Now, 3 different malls in a different district are also trying to calm fears amidst the CCSA stating they are the source of Covid clusters.

The news comes from the CCSA showing a graphic of the Pathumwan area of Bangkok, attributing 129 Covid infections by using arrows pointing at the shopping centres. The shopping centres: Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery are now trying to reassure shoppers that their shopping spaces are safe.

In a combined statement the shopping centre operators did concede that there had been 129 infections since April, affecting .4% of their employees. However, they attest that the infections did not happen simultaneously. They also claim the infections happened at the people’s residence.

The operators maintain that customer and employee safety is a high priority. They state they have been fully cooperative with preventative measures, and have even used the Siam Paragon location as a vaccination site.

On Friday, CCSA officials warned consumers to be careful of contracting Covid-19 while patronising shopping centres; a result of Covid infections being found in the Ratchaprasong and Pratunam areas

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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