Aphicha Aumpaijid | the beginning and success for “Leng Sab Noodle”

Aphicha Aumpaijid | the beginning and his success for “Leng Sab” noodle with special recipe

Aphicha Aumpaijid | the beginning and success for “Leng Sab Noodle”It can’t be more true to say ‘ Do what you love the best you can, success is waiting for you’ for Khun Apicha Aumpaijid and his success in noodle shop business. From a gemologist to a noodle shop owner, Siamscope is finding out his motivation!

Could you tell us briefly about your background, where did you graduated from?

I studied at ACC for junior high school and at ABAC for bachelor.

What was your dream career when you were young?

I wanted to open a grocery and make money so that I can buy more toys to play with my younger brother and my friends.

Do you have an idol?

Dad and mum are my idol because of my reasons: the way they work, the way they treat their clients, their way of thought and their patience. They are a good model and I definitely follow those approaches for my current and other future businesses.

What kind of business do you have before shifting to a noodle shop?

I’m initially a gemologist, specialize in gems analysis. Actually, this is my family business as well as my main profession. I’ve been doing this job since I was 23 until now, so it’s almost 15-16 years so far. For my noodle business, it started from my preference. I love eating noodle and I have tried any noodle shop people say they are good and tasty until I found ‘Guay Teaw Moo Tum Leung Leng Sab’ I then improve its ingredients to the point that I can put a ‘Brand’ and guarantee the taste. Our concept is ‘No satisfaction No pay’ so I ‘d like to invite all readers to try our noodles.

Aphicha Aumpaijid | the beginning and success for “Leng Sab Noodle”Usually, business situation can be unpredictable, how do you deal with the situation economically and emotionally?

My shop always offers promotion and discount for clients.

Any special noodle you’d like to suggest and where is your noodle shop?

We have out secret recipe which make our noodle taste different and outstanding.

What do you consider ‘specialty’ of you noodle that win over customer’s mind?

I would say customer like and come back for our noodle because of ‘taste’. They barely have to put any seasoning because we already make it prefect!

Are there any suggestion or business tip for new starter or young generation to tackle with difficulties?

There are difficulties in all careers, you need to stay focus and do the best you can. Do what you love and really go for it, satisfaction and accomplishment lay ahead!

Aphicha Aumpaijid | the beginning and success for “Leng Sab Noodle”

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