Aom-Sukanya Poljak

Aom-Sukanya Poljak

Aom-Sukanya Poljak

Aom-Sukanya Poljak- A successful star, a raising designer and a mother of two sons, who was invited to join Cannes Film Festival. She has a beautiful colored skin, and owns clothing business which designed and tailored by herself, it is called Zuza Fashion; beautiful, elegant, hi-end fashion. In her spare time, she always goes to Samui, ideally for relaxation with her hottest and colorful swimming suits.

Aom-Sukanya Poljak

How was your trip to Samui lately?

“This place is like my second home, I always find time to be there and happy to be back. I built a house in Samui for my parents many years ago, my dad passed away, thus, only my mom and brother live together.  I am always busy with kids; Leonardo is 7 years old, and young one, Rafael, 2 years old. Besides, Zuza Fashion keeps me occupied, I always comes out with new ideas and designs, I would like to say thank you to all my customers who giving me a chance being their fashion stylist”

When will you be launching your next movie? We have not seen it for 3 years since Cannes

“I have got some enquiries but still in developing phrase. Actually, I also like to be a director, I was known from movie industry, so I think I know this market, anyways, it is just a plan, it takes sometimes. For Cannes Film Festival, they keep sending me invitation, I skipped 1 year as my father passed away, I needed to be with mom, I might be back next year, it is good to be there to see how movie industry changed over the years”

How was the feeling while joining the Red Carpet in Cannes?

“They have very strict rules, persons who are invited need profile checking, and references. You will be confirmed 6 months ahead of time, for guys, only Taxedo allows, for ladies, not so strict but dress-up appropriately. There are Celebrity VIP and Guest Rounds. For Celebrity VIP round, there will be lots of cameras toward celebrities, all camera men are wearing suites, they have good systems ,for examples; where to take photos, where to do interviewing, and everything is organized. To be honest, I was really excited, on that day photographers kept calling me Miss Green, Miss Green, as I wore a green dress from Zuza Fashion which I designed and tailored, I could not stay there for long, needed to join with movie team. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Leon Desclozeaux, director of Cargo, les hommes perdus, who invited me to join Cannes”

Aom-Sukanya Poljak

What is the difference between Thai and international movie industries?

“The principles are the same but planning that makes the different. For international level, they always make sure to prepare cleared storyboard, timing,  and filming. It requires a professional level for every scene, seconds to seconds, you have to put in all your efforts till the director says cut. It is so much in details for all the scenes, luckily, I can speak English, so there is no language barrier”

Let’s talk about your sons, would you prefer them to work in Film industry?

“It depends on themselves, our family is open-minded, we let them decide on what they would like to do or happy with. Leonardo shows his interest in things, whatever he likes, we will definitely support him, if he interests in film, of course, he can do it but in his spare time, he still needs to study”

Where do you live primary? Thailand or overseas?

“I spend most of the time in Thailand, also, frequent travelling abroad for business; film talks but not very often and personal issues; generally visiting my husband family, relatives and friends. While travelling, I have got some creativity and inspirations for my clothing business ”

How is your clothing business going? Are you planning to expand internationally?

“Currently, I am focusing on Asian countries, I would not go beyond this, it requires a huge capital going internationally, during this economic recession, I have heard lots of big boys cannot cope with expenditures over the revenue, that is why, I use my house as a shopfront, it is very convenient as well as I can spend time with kids too”

Aom-Sukanya Poljak

How can you manage the time as a mother, an actress and a fashion designer?

“Frankly speaking, I am not that good at organizing things but I have a prioritized planning on what needs to be actioned on first, what to hold, what to delegate, and what to retrieve when it requires”


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