Anchalika kijkanakorn | Behind AHMS’s Succeed

Anchalika kijkanakorn | Behind AHMS’s Succeed

Anchalika kijkanakorn: Founder and Executive Director of Akaryn hospitality Management Service or AHMS. Also, former financial person who nurtured her experience in finance field with world-class companies in Asia, America and Europe, for over 10 years, decided to leave ‘dream job’ and ‘glorious life’ and start her own small boutique but luxury hotel in her home country: Thailand.  She manages now 7 luxury hotels and thinks it’s fun.
What did you study and does it become your career?

AK :     Master in International Business Administration, major in Finance. I spent the first part of my life in Finance before embarking on Hospitality and property development

How was your behaviour like when you was a child ?  ( Nerdy ? , Hilarious, out – going, shy ? ) What was your friends would say about you, if asked what do they think of you ? 

AK :      I was an absolute nerd and a book worm.  I used to be a library at my primary school so that not only I get to choose what we order for the library, but I get to read them all before they are placed on the shelves!  My friend would have said that I was an awkward nerd, lol.

How did you get to work with world leading company?

AK :    GE Capital hired me out of school and I grew up with them through leadership   development program and ended up staying with them for over 10 years. For SLH – I was elected to the Board of Directors 12 years ago and has been on the Board since with 3 of those years as the Chairman of the Board.

What do you want be when you was a child ?  What ‘s your dream job?

AK:       I wanted to be an inventor, creating something new…whatever the idea of the week was.  My dream job was exactly that, an inventor.  

Do you have mentor or an idol , if so who ? and Why ? 

AK:       My mom has always been my idol, someone I look up to.  I was never much a fan of movie stars, athletes, nor politicians.  I look up to my mom because she works hard to provide for us, she’s always our pillar of stability in family life, she is selfless, true, caring, and generous.  She is loved by everyone, and I aspire to be just like her although I am not sure if I succeed!

Anchalika kijkanakorn | Behind AHMS’s Succeed

What was your turning point that you decide to leave your job and come back to Thailand?

AK :    I would like a change of pace and come back home to Thailand

Are there any excitement from switching field from financial management to hospitality?

AK :     Exciting – learning new things, getting to see the impact of your decision right down the line, very different from working from a large organization

What do you see as a ‘strength’ of Akaryn group?

AK :     Innovative – we are always at the forefront of customer needs – intuitive luxury.  

What can be ‘a challenge’ for hotel business?

AK :      Ever changing customer preference and needs

Anchalika kijkanakorn | Behind AHMS’s Succeed

How many property do you own and is there a plan to expand your business?

AK :      We own 3 and operate 6, and expanding on average 1-2 new hotel(s) a year.

Talking about hotel management, What is your motivation for it ?  

AK :      My passion for travel, discovery, developing something new and exciting

Nowaday, we can see tremendous growth of hotel/ hospitality industry, how do you think of the trend in next 5-10 years?

AK :      More and more people are traveling, the growth of middle class with higher income   population in Asia afford more and more new group of travellers.  Millennials entering the marketing with their own preference which are different from GenX and Babyboomers.  Exciting time of changing needs and preference.  And change in distribution. 

Anchalika kijkanakorn | Behind AHMS’s Succeed

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?  (in business )

AK:       A few more hotels under the umbrella, hopefully overseas expansion, and ironically more time for my kids.

Whats your motto in life ? 

AK :      If it doesn’t work, fix it.  Don’t complain.

Can we have your suggestions for people who are entering the industry ?

AK :     It’s a great industry, lots of exciting opportunity, need to stay focus on your guests and everything else will fall into line. 


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