Amdaeng hotel: Newest hotel, near Chao Phraya River

Amdaeng hotel: Newest hotel, near Chao Phraya River

It is not difficult if you want to find the hotel along the Chao Phraya River for staying overnight if time and budget permits, but it is not a hotel which embellishes with work of arts, feel like home and pervade with the older times likes the history of the river at the same time.

“She is a beautiful and charming woman but with high demand”.

Khun Lek, Passapon Limpisirisant  was not describing the personality of the girl  he knew but he was talking about the atmosphere of the small pale-red hotel on the Chao Phraya riverbank of Klong Sarn area. He had natured this hotel with The Duo Creative, the advertising company which he had joined with and they were together up to the Bangkok Presidential Arts Association. – Khun Min, Wiboon Leepakpreeda.

The hotel along the Chao Phraya riverbank is located on the land about the size 100 square wah, which Khun Min was pleasingly impressed the first time he found it. After that, Khun Min had an opportunity to invite Khun Lek to see and feel the atmosphere and fascinated with the same land.  First, both of them just want to make this land for their private relaxation place but they couldn’t end up with this idea because of the value of the property. They plan to do the air bnb before it eventually ends with the hotel.

“We wanted to name the hotel “Am Deang” because the land title deeds was from the reign of King Rama 5. The deed owner’s name is “Am Deang Klee”, Khun Lek said.

“Am Deang is the women’s name title in the ancient period, similar to Ms and Mrs. An amazing thing for the deed is that it has the name “Am Deang” I also have the deed in this area but it has never been in very old name like “Am Deang” Khun Min said.

The image in their mind was to create a modern hotel integrate architecture with Thai art. They invited the professional design experts to continue their idea. Khun Tik – Suthida Pongprayoon, the interior designer and the architect partners, Khun Khong – Anuparp Onsaad are the persons who work after that.

Khun Lek added “We told Khun Khong that I would name the building “Am Deang”. On the date Khun Khong cames to present the first blueprint, he said that it would be a surprise. I told Khun Min that I had no idea that Khun Khong planned to paint the building in red.

“and he did it”.

The Crimson Red was painted over the major architecture components like columns, beams, walls, ceilings including interior and exterior. If you look at the building from the other side of the river, you will see the red building notably and if you look from the back entrance through the complex alley, you would see the stand tall – sloping building gradually as the architect’s concept to make this building as a homogeneous sculpture and have people live in.

Contact Amdaeng hotel: 12/1 Soi Chiangmai 1, Chiangmai Road, Khlongsan Bangkok, Thailand  FACEBOOK  :  AMDAENG WEBSITE  : TEL: 02-162-0138


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