_less redefines sadness in new track out today

_less redefines sadness in new track out today

Popular indie music scene band, _less has signed a deal with Sony Music Thailand and today released a new experimental track, don’t u even cry?, which expresses pain and aggressiveness.

Though _less (pronounced as underscore less) won’t uncover their real faces, they have a distinct, unconventional musical style that is relatable to any audience. “Alter Ego (alternative personality)” is their concept, which entails creating a new character who completely separates the artist life from personal life. Band members are known as _lilb and _mig-j.

Before signing with Sony Music Thailand, _less released seven songs, with a few of the tracks reaching the top 20 on Cat Radio and Fungjai, two of Thailand’s most popular indie radio stations. Their live shows also garnered a lot of interest because of their uniqueness and exoticism, the artists and back-up dancers and vocalists all wear masks. The shows have entertaining and musical talents, and also include dancers.

_less redefines sadness in new track out todayThe new era of _less begins with don’t u even cry?, which poses the question about the expression of sadness and why people always associate it with crying — “Crying is an expression of sadness. If you cry harder, it means you are more sad and more painful.” However, _less believes that each individual has their own way of expressing sadness; they may be sad and broken inside, but _less thinks that not everyone expresses their sadness by crying. They may express their sorrow and handle it in many different ways.

On this track, Jurassic.Pew (Kasidath “Pew” Ritngarm), of well-known indie band Telex Telexs, is executive producer, and has experimented with the music by using components of hip-hop, R&B and Psychedelia vibes combined with pop melody. Despite the fact that the overall vibe of the song evokes feelings of aggression and hurt. “A peculiar issue yet very close and relatable to our everyday life” is how _less defines the song.

“We hope that this song will help people understand that everyone has a different approach to expressing sadness; not crying doesn’t mean being feelingless. Surely everyone has feelings, but our expressions can be different because each person experiences different things in life. That is what distinguishes humans,” says _less. Follow them on bio.to/underscoreLESS and listen to them on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

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