Songkran found the one. Matt Peranee was not an intervenor ! 

Songkran found the one. Matt Peranee was not an intervenor ! 

Songkran found the one. Matt Peranee was not an intervenor ! 

Songkran Taechanarong has unveiled about his relationship with Matt Peranee as the rumours are spreading and effecting his loved ones, it is pretty clear-cut as he comes out and affirms flirting with Matt after official divorced with Aff Taksaorn recently.

How the news impact your loved ones as it went viral at the moment?

A: Personally, I am pretty fine but it has involved Matt badly so I would like to explain today on 2 main issues. Firstly, why I kept refusing that I did not know Matt? why I went to Norway with her? As I mentioned earlier, I did not know her in person in the past, just greet or say hello, that was it.

Is it true that you planned a trip with her to Norway?

A: It was not planned. She visit her dad every year. As this new went viral for a while, I had a chance to meet her at fitness center, then we had a simple talk as I am still having unfinished issues. She does not talk with me much as she did not want to be on the news and does not want to involve in this kind of situation.

To reaffirm, both of you never knew each other in the past?

A: Absolutely, I knew her as actress, not personally, she is one of Mint-Chalida Vijitvongthong ’s friends. Mint is like one of my sisters, I would like to explain as lots of people are putting the blame on her. She has nothing to do with this, not matchmaker or else, please respect and talk about her in a nicer way.

Do you really get to know Matt at fitness center?

A: That’s right, it was just shallow talks, as I were still having unfinished issue with Aff. After things settled, official divorced, I heard Matt had a plan to go to Norway and my visa is not expired yet then I asked Matt if I go there would she be my tour guide. I was not sure that her replies with courtesy or thoughtfulness, she would not imagined that I could make it, she took me out for city tour.

Songkran found the one. Matt Peranee was not an intervenor ! 

Who did you travel with to Norway?

A: I went there alone.

Are you hitting on Matt Peranee?

A: Yes,  I would like to have a fresh start again.

Can you confirm that Matt Peranee is not the third hand?

A: Totally not, I can say that she is not, my previous relationship was ended few years ago, so she was not the third hand, I would like to say this as I want to make things cleared. I might be okay to put the blame on me. Sometimes I cannot take it that well, nobody likes to be blamed. I do not want anyone around me to get blamed on and effected  as they have nothing to do with it. I would like to express my sincerity and do my best.

What is so special about Matt?

A: She is energetic and easy going person.

Will you do your best this time?

A: No matter what will happen, I will do my best, I failed once and I do not want to repeat that over and over again, I would express my concern that Mint is not matchmaker and Matt is not the intervene person.


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