7 Jewelry brands by Thai Gen Y designer…. Don’t miss out!

7 Jewelry brands by Thai Gen Y designer…. Don’t miss out!

Nowadays, there are many Thai and foreign jewelry brands which both of them have different features. However, the brand responding to young Thai people who passionate in fashion is inevitably Thai brands. The owner of the brand is Thai people who know well about Thai customers’ style. Here’s recommend 7 Thai brands of well-designed and quality.



Large but light hand-made earrings brand comes with the combination of fantasy and imaginary concept.  Monsterears features by using toy to create an earrings and giving attention to color.  Those earrings are one of the cool items for girlswho love fashion.

Instagram : monsterearss

Line : pukkymonsterears

Email : monsterearss@gmail.com


Women’s jewelry beautifully and elegantly designed for everyday look. All accessories use Swarovski crystals as they provide variety of colors, symmetrical square corners and maintain its shining quality and beauty than other brands.

Facebook :  juvelstore

Instagram : juvelstore

Website : www.juvelstore.com


Elegant look in Art Deco style is the concept of this jewelry brand. The main items of this brand are size-adjustable ring, so you don’t have to worry about the size when you buy it. The packaging, furthermore, is also total cool because it is designed as a tool box with the ring, size adjusting screw and two knots in colors.

Facebook : artemisthailand

Line : @Artemiscrafted


Wood jewelry mixed with resin is one piece of the world jewelry because it is handmade and grains on wood have unique patterns on each piece. It can guarantee that even you order in the same collection, you’ll get a piece of it in a unique style. The highlight of this brand is the quality of wood in making jewelry by selecting teak, maple, walnut and durian. All of them, beside, are also glow in the dark.

Facebook : nympheart.house

Instagram : Nympheart

Line : @nympheart


The highlight of this brand is the combination of the beauty of flora and the classic style of wood.  All Dried floras used in the jewelry have good meanings such as Red hot cat’s tail, Grass flower and Gypso which mean first love.

Facebook : nympheart.house

Instagram : Nympheart

Line : @nympheart



If you want to have asymmetrical jewelry with a little twist, I recommend buy this brand. All work is handmade, so it has charming in itself. The body of the jewelry is not as stiff as usual. The decorative material used stone instead of crystal.

Facebook : Ogulee

Instagram : ogulee

Line : wwanraweee / proyliboo

Email : oguleeogulee@gmail.com


Ears piercings of this brand are made from made wood which has different patterns, colors and have a variety of designs. If you find the design is not interesting, you can tailor it. Wearing Gleamwood ears piercing will not hurt your ears because the edge of it was sharpened to be smooth. Gleamwood also uses quality wood coatings which is not harmful to customer’s health.

Facebook : gleamwood

Instagram : gleam_wood

Website : www.gleamwood.com

Tel. : 08-5615-3663

Credit: smethailandclub.com

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