7 brick red lipsticks suitable for all looks starting from cheap to expensive prices!

Many ladies might have been recently bored of nude lipsticks which have been consecutively popular for many years. Let’s try something darker like brick red color? Wearing such color is for everyday look especially, on the day you want to be stunning and gorgeous as wearing red would be too intense and wearing brown would end up too dark. This particular color is the final answer meeting the need and matching with all skin colors.

1. Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipstick – Sand Storm color

This color is my favorite ever because of its cheap price, about a little bit over a hundred baht with nice color. It can be applied daily and suitable for any lip colors. One thing that need an improvement is a package. Its cover will be stained all over for a long-term use causing a very dirty look. However, its long-lasting lip color is confirmed. Contrasting to its Matte texture, it is half-Matte when it is actually on your lips; it is giving back some moisture to my lips.

2. Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick – Pumpkin 

It is the best liquid lipstick in my opinion as it is absolutely the long-lasting one. It is also worth your money with its highly-pigmented texture. It is however not proper for a novice as it is so distinct at the first attempt. It is authentic Matte starting at the price about 700 Baht.

3. Nyx Lingerie Lipstick – Exotic 

It is the darkest tone in lingerie family. Normally, there have been only nude or sexy tones. Yet, Nyx liquid lipstick is no less sexy than those lighter tones and well-qualified with nice color. It is also quite brown on your lips, not so much orange like Swatch. This depends on each person’s lip color as well.

4. Cute Press, the Little Mermaid Marine Magic Collagen Lipstick – Elegant Attina color

The beauty of Aerial totally wins all the hearts. The imagination of being the mermaid princess is touchable. It is in an elegant brick red color with moist and non-Matte satin texture at the price of just 199 Baht. It is good for any comfy day because of its life rescue color; being applicable daily. Any lady will survive once this color is on your lip, trust me!

5. MAC Matte Lipstick – Taupe color

Let’s move on to the more expensive one, it is a must to have. Just like I have said, it is effective for many occasions and places. There is also no doubt on the quality of MAC Matte Lipstick as it is certainly reliable. Let’s take a look at the color yourself if it is really worth.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

6. 3CE x Lily Maymac – Hold on 

It is the product from the cooperation between 3CE and Lily Maymac. That is why its color looks very lily; in coral (orange with reddish-pink and brown) resulting in nice warm tone.

7. Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color – Temptation Waits

Let’s finish off with premium brand like Tom Ford. If it is to compare the quality to the price, we must surrender to this brand because of its fabulous qualification. Its amber orange brown along with bright shimmer creates elegance look (of course it will, due to the high price). I hope all you ladies are pleased with these brick red lipsticks I have offered. A-ha! You are in the middle of searching where to buy them right? What are you waiting for? Let’s get one!

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