5 Strong Concepts of “Yakult” a probiotic drink

5 Strong Concepts of “Yakult” a probiotic drink worths THB 4,000M and established nearly 50 years in Thailand

5 Strong Concepts of “Yakult” a probiotic drink
If you would like to know more about Yakult but no time to ask from Yakult Lady…Look no further, we have all possible questions answered.

From the land of rising sun to the land of smiles

– In 1930, Dr. Minoru Shirota successfully strengthened and cultured a specific strain of Lactobacilli known as Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota. It helps to maintain a good intestinal health
-In 1935, Yakult was first sold in Japan
-In 1953, Prapan Hetrakul was the scholarship student from abroad who attended Kobe University in Japan. He often suffered from diarrhea and it wasn’t until he started drinking Yakult recommended by his friend
-He realized that it improved and strengthen intestinal health, at that time, there were no such products were sold in Thailand, he wanted to import it back home
-In 1970, Yakult (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has established
-In 1971, Yakult started selling in Thailand via Yakult Ladies and grocery stores

5 Strong Concepts of “Yakult” a probiotic drink
Prapan Hetrakul, Yakult pioneer

How Yakult in Thailand is doing?

Yakult has established in Thailand for 47 years and counting, it is no stranger for the Thais, Let’s take a look at its annual reports…
-In 2014, income THB 4,304M and profit THB 1,033M
-In 2015, income THB 4,292M and profit THB 935M
-In 2016, income THB 4,536M and profit THB 748M
-In 2017, income THB 4,549M and profit THB 952M
No doubt, the fermented milk drink earns income and makes profit pretty steady each year, it takes the majority shares of a drinkable probiotic market which worths of THB 8,000-10,000M, here it comes their 5 Strong Concepts which make this brand so successful for decades.

1. Think Fast Act Fast

In 1971, Yakult was the first fermented milk drink in Thailand since Prapan had direct experienced with this milk and he strongly wanted to improve the intestinal health of Thai people. The good thing is this product was the first in the market but downside is he did not know how to market and sell it!
Finally, his strong will became so successful and established in Thailand.

2. Market Networking is the key

After setting up Yakult in Thailand, Prapan brought Yakult Lady technique from Japan by selling directly to customer’s home which was something really new for locals.
Despite, it became really successful strategy as fermented milk drink was new, not well-known, and Yakult Lady could educate and explained to new customers then became regular customers.
Moreover, Yakult Lady is one of productive channels to distribute this drink to grocery stores.

3. Honest to employee and regular customers

Many businesses may give priority to the core employees despite Yukult’s policies, their Ladies play the important role even though in this modern trade era such as 7/11 who becomes so popular which tempted Yakult to join them in 2015. They still sell through their Ladies at THB 7 per bottle and THB 8 in the convenience stores as the reward to their loyal customers since started the business. Currently, they have roughly 5,000 Yakult Ladies.
Yakult’s slogan “Just ask Yakult Ladies”

4. Do only what you do best

If someone asked what Yakult has produced, many people would say a drinkable probiotic with Lactobacillus which is and only drink has been around for decades.
Yakult isn’t the only single-serve drink finding success in Thailand’s probiotic market. Dutch Mill is a the biggest in probiotic market, they have a wide range of products such as probiotic UHT milk, probiotic with fruit juice or yogurt but if we measured only a probiotic with Lactobacillus, undeniable, Yakult is always number one on the lists with the share of over 40% and still counting.

5. Be flexible 

Yakult accepted to sell its product via modern trade stores since their young generation’s customer has complained that they find it hard to buy this probiotic drink.
Additionally, a “healthy trend” is coming and the original Yakult has 15-18% of sugar per bottle which can be declared as unhealthy drink, as the result of that, the company launched “Yakult Light” which has only 1.75% of sugar to meet the demand of healthy customers.
Moreover, they have learned doing business for the niche market of Yakult, not only the first to start but the first to succeed, above all, they still maintain its quality, care for their regular customers which hard to find any competitors to match.

Credit: billionaireth.com

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