5 Reasons You Should Go for a Spa in Thailand

5 Reasons You Should Go for a Spa in Thailand

5 Reasons You Should Go for a Spa in Thailand
Whenever we think of massages to relieve stress and tension, we immediately think of Thai massages and its strong essential oils. In fact, Singaporeans are known to travel all the way to Thailand just for a spa session! Why are people so attracted to Thai massageKKday has 5 reasons why people can’t resist a spa in Thailand.
1. Impeccable service and technique
Couple's Massage

Thailand, especially Bangkok, is known as a spa paradise. From elaborate boutiques to five-star resorts, there are plenty of spa options to choose from. The masseuse there are specially trained and with the right intensity, their skills and technique cannot be matched with places elsewhere.

2. Relaxing environment

Spa Massage at The Merlin Phuket
There are many reasons why people go for spa – for health, detoxification, relaxation, beauty or just to relieve the tension in their bodies. In Thailand, things like the decor, fragrance and even music played are taken into consideration as it has an effect on the whole relaxation process.

3. Combination of ancient and modern spa technology

Integration of spices into massages

The combination of ancient herbal remedies with cutting-edge technology, take the whole spa treatment to the next level. The little ball of herbs and small hot stones are more than what it seems – they are the Science and wisdom behind why we love Thai massages so much.

4. Lavish treatment at affordable prices

Massage beds at a local spa
From luxurious five-star spa boutique to regular spa houses, you’ll be treated like royalty here regardless of the price you pay. Moreover, since the prices in Thailand are much cheaper compared to Singapore, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket for some much needed self-indulgence!

5. Wide variety of spa options to choose from

Scented Flowers commonly found in spas
With the wide variety of options and spa treatments targeted at different parts of your body, it is important to find the right massage technique for yourself. From hot stones, essentials oils to classic shiatsu, remember to select the most suitable one!
Want to book a ticket to Thailand for a massage right now? KKday has some amazing spa recommendations for you:

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