12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 November-14 December 2017 By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

12 zodiacs in Gypsies: The prophecy during 15 November-14 December 2017

By Ajarn Kittikun Ponlawan

Aries (13 April-14 May)

Influence of Queen of Cups:

Long-term couple will finally get married as planned. Single one will be introduced to love by a friend. Couple with indignant issue will find solution and bring back their good old days. Your family members will bring you a huge financial luck helping to smooth your money circulation. A person who like to invest on shares will receive a huge amount of money. Creditors will finally receive their money back from their debtors. With all the financial luck, you should split a part of your money to help children in needs in order to better your luck. You will also make a progress on work as expected with the support from people in superior positions. A person who just starts work will easily adjust to new working system. Self-employed business is going well attracting more investors. However, you’d better off alone.  Worshiping Ganesha is to foster life fortune.

Taurus (15 May-14 June)

Influence of Eight of Cups: You will get moody with your lover obviously keeping distance and ignoring. This causes regular quarrel. For the new couple, you should take love slowly. Social tax will cost you a whole lot. Your luck on risk-taking is not that outstanding so, you should not expect too much. You will also have problems caused by trifle issues with your co-workers. Plus, it is not the right time for a person who is thinking of changing the job as you will find no better place than where you are now. Working for freelancer is still going unhurriedly in spite of regular trifling problems. All you need to do is be patient because everything is getting better. Food might cause some health problems. Donating coffins is the good way to support better life fortune.

Gemini (15 June-15 July)

Influence of King of Cups:  You will create an outstanding work receiving the admiration from your boss and jealousy from co-workers. A person who is changing a job will get the right job with higher payment causing the comfortable feeling towards work. Self-employed business is moving forward well because there are more works keep coming in. A person with previous money circulation problem will receive help which will bring back the smoother circulation. Even though there are many ways of money coming in including some luck from risk-taking, you should not be greedy. A single one will finally meet the right love. However, you need to be careful of being the third party in somebody else’s relationship. The couple with problems will finally find the solution and become more understandable. Gastroesophageal reflux will cause health problem so, you should watch out for what you eat. Doing good deeds and filling oil to the temple’s lamps are to bring better and more stable life fortune.

Cancer (16 July-16 August)

Influence of The Chariot: If you are working with foreign company, you will create the outstanding work which will be admired by your boss. A person who is looking for a new job will eventually get better and more stable job. Self-employed business is going better than expected. However, you cannot be over confident as there might be some unexpected mistakes waiting ahead. You will find new love from your travel and you will get along really well with your nee love. Married couple need to watch out what they are going to say as it will turn minor to bigger issues. Plus, the quarrel will cause you a pressure if you are deciding to stay the same way. Your friends from far away land will bring you the financial luck causing the smoother money circulation. If possible. Doing a good deed with old people will support your life fortune.

Leo (17 August-16 September)

Influence of The Death: You will have a headache from being short of money situation as you have to spend a huge amount of money unexpectedly. Fortunately, you still have lucky draw to save the day. A person in debt will be asked to pay back hurriedly causing a big headache. You will have to find solution otherwise it will cause damage. Long-term couple might have to deal with the change in their love; going separate ways. The newly couple need to take things slow, no rush. For work, a person with trouble needs to have a guts to decide whether to stay or leave. A person working two jobs needs to manage the time well otherwise there will be trouble with regular job. The merchant business needs an adjustment otherwise the business will not survive. The earlier for the change, the better it will be. There are some health problems so, you need to take good care of yourself. Donating coffins and releasing turtles are to support health fortune and fix the bad fortune.

Virgo (17 September-16 October)

Influence of King of Pentacles: Self-employed business will have smooth money circulation to move forward. Plus, there are some unexpected projects coming on the way. The regular workers will create the satisfying works for their boss bringing them the chance to be trusted and handed over the important positions with higher pay. Love is going well for you but you need to be careful about unbalanced time and attitudes. Therefore, you need to manage to share some time together and adjust towards each other. Some of you might need to watch out for your relatives about financial issues which will cause some disagreement. However, it is not that hard to clear up. A person who has hope on risk-taking will receive some lucks but you need to save some money as the high expenses are coming on your way. With all those lucks, you need to do some good deeds with the underprivileged in order to foster your life fortune. Gastroesophageal reflux is becoming your health problem so you need to take care of yourself by eating on time.

Libra (17 October-15 November)

Influence of Eight of Wands: Regular workers who create work beyond what their bosses have expected will cause serious jealousy of others. A person who is thinking of changing job will attract job offers. Nevertheless, payment issue should be carefully considered. Merchant’s business is going quite well with help from others so, business moving forward is far beyond expected. The newly opened business is also going well because of having others’ supports. Even though, there will be a lot of expenses, you will also earn sufficient amount. Some might have unexpected lucks on the way. Couple should turn around and talk to find the solutions for exiting problems. A hope for a person who has a crush on someone might come to an end; just a friend. So, there is no need to think too much. During this time, fining a chance to release 9 eels is the suggestion to foster life fortune.

Scorpion (16 November-15 December)

Influence of Five of Cups: You will suffer the problems from love because of discordant time and attitudes. A couple with third party problem need to make up the mind so, the current suffering comes to an end. Married couple may have some temporary problems caused by their children. You don’t need to stress out because the problems won’t last long. You will have to travel for work which will cause you the exhaustion. However, your work will impress your boss. A person having an issue with their boss will reach the dead end if you are trying to resist. If not, everything is going to be fine. Merchant’s business is facing some trifle troubles, they don’t need to overreact. You should not bring up the old stories to your lover otherwise you will create some aching problems. During this time, you need to take care of your health especially, internal and abdominal system. Releasing turtles is to foster health fortune.

Sagittarius (16 December-14 January)

Influence of Seven of Cups: You are being flirtatious; flirting around which will cause you aching problems. Married couple will get into trouble because of relatives from both sides causing regular quarrels. Some couple may get into disagreement because of trifles. So, staying clam is suitable way to deal with problems. Even though there are income earned as expected, the expenses are to come to maintain social status. Risk-takers are to have some lucks but with no saving. Self-employed who is thinking of expanding their businesses should go unhurriedly in order not to cause any troubles. For salary workers, your private problems will become more into public so, you should always think before doing. You will not have stable minds at this moment so, making merit and meditation will help to better your life.

Capricorns (15 January- 12 February)

Influence of Two of Wands: If your work turns out to be good, your boss will support you for important position. Self-employed business is going beyond what has been expected. A person who is thinking of owning a business do not hesitate to do so because there is a perfect chance coming on the way. There are many ways of finance to come. However, you need to think it through of how to spend because of a huge expenses are awaiting ahead. Risk-takers who are expecting some return will be successful but the amount is not that worth. So, you should not be too greedy. A person who has been single for a long time will finally meet someone from work. Married ones with existing problems will finally figure out the solutions. Your stressful love is getting better. The secret admirers can count on what they are expecting; love in return. The couple should make a merit together to support better love fortune.

Aquarius (13 February-14 March)

Influence of Ten of Pentacles: Your outstanding work will get you to the unexpected big bonus. A person who just changes work will work happily because of good co-workers. Self-employed business will attract more customers decreasing the existing stress. You will have financial luck from risk-taking. You will also receive a huge amount of money from previously-invested shares. Debtors will have enough money to pay off their debts so they can shake off the stress caused by this problem. Time is becoming the problem in your live life as it will cause regular argument. Couple with existing problems will have help from their siblings bringing back the sweet old days. Doing good deeds with underprivileged children will foster life fortune.

Pisces (15 March- 12 April)

Influence of Ace of Pentacles. Your lover is a cause for unexpected luck which will bring smoother money circulation. Big money also comes from shares. Self-employed business is attracting big project. Expanding your business at this time should be considered. Regular employee will be supported for important position with higher payment at work. Long-term married couple will finally have hope for the baby. People who have feeling for each other will get along well with better understanding. New couple is to be sure you have found the right one. It is also a good news for secret admirer because the good deeds you have done will win over your crush’s heart. During this time, worshiping Ganesha is the good way to support your life fortune.

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