4 indie watches 2018 that shouldn’t be missed !

4 indie watches 2018 that shouldn’t be missed!

When watch does not just tell the time. It also indicates the personality and identity of the wearer. Apart from well-known names, there are number of independent brands or micro brand as options. In addition to its unique design, its price is also at a comfortable level.

And here are 4 indie timepieces of this year that we think are very interesting.

4 indie watches 2018 that shouldn’t be missed !1) Electricianz Cable Z Watch
The Cable Z is an ode to electricity: its explosive bouquet of enmeshed and colorful cables playfully revisits our distinctive design. At the core of the watch’s design, the visible cables pay a whimsical tribute to the magic of the everyday, awakened by the light touch of the fanciful second hand. Vibrant and easy going, the Cable Z embodies a kid-like wonder before the physical world, celebrating the time where quests consisted of uncovering “how things work”.

Price: Start from THB 13,000

4 indie watches 2018 that shouldn’t be missed !

2) Optik Instrument Horizon

The HORIZON displays all 24 hours of your day as a circle. The light hours. The dark hours. Early morning and Evening. The horizon between day and night.

Unlike other, more complicated dials, the HORIZON is incredibly simple to adapt to. A single line is all that’s required to read the time forever more – no relearning of binary scales, or adapting to difficult positional quirks. The disc rotates clockwise once every 24 hours. The red line points to the current time. It’s that simple.

The HORIZON is available in 4 initial options, each with it’s own unique feel, look and presence. The only difficulty is choosing. Resembling an ocean rolled pebble, the thick domed sapphire crystal flows smoothly into the stainless steel unibody case. The cylindrical crown punches perfectly into the pebble’s radius. The straps nestle cleanly within the case for minimal impact on the smooth sleek form; it’s a beautiful experience to wear, touch and observe.

Price: Start from THB 8,800

4 indie watches 2018 that shouldn’t be missed !

3) Zelos ZX Chronograph

In order to bring their watches to life, Zelos watches are funding their project on the crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter. Later, they are known in the watchmaking world for their ability to successfully push the limits on timepiece design styles, Zelos Watches has come out with its inaugural automatic chronograph, the Zelos Experimental (ZX) Series. The masterful timepiece collection takes its inspiration from the X-Plane project, known for pushing the limits of technology through aviation.

The case itself pays tribute to the X-15, the fastest manned aircraft ever made. This is seen in the angular and stubby lugs that look like the wings of the X-15. The dials of the Zelos watches were also influenced by the time period during which the X-15 was in its first periods of conception: the 1960s. The dial has been given a more contemporary look to bring it into the modern age. The cases measure 43 millimeters in diameter and have a domed sapphire crystal glass protecting the dial from nicks and scratches. An inner anti-reflective coating is there to make the watches legible in any light setting. Inside, a Swiss ETA 7750 Elabore Grade movement helps keep the time with great precision and reliability. These watches come with a resistance to water as far as 100 meters.

Price: Start from THB 25,000

4 indie watches 2018 that shouldn’t be missed !

4) Nethuns Lava 
Nethuns is found by a group of watch fanatics with the mission and belief to create robust and professional diver watches, using unique metals and materials and quality movements. The result of our creation is durable man-ware designed to last a lifetime.

Nethuns in Etruscan mythology was the god of wells, water and sea. With this in mind our brand is dedicated to watches use at sea. The first model the “ Nethuns BRONZO”, made with a limited run of 299 pieces was released in 2015. The Bronze material used in the Nethuns BRONZO are unique to us. It consist of a unique formula of Alloys of copper and tin. The result is a tone of alloys that is beautiful to look at when new and more stunning as it ages with its owner.

Price:  start from THB 20,000

เครดิต: gqthailand.com

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